Women’s Best Optimizes its Customer Service with WhatsApp

E-Retailer Case Study: Customer care optimization with the WhatsApp Business solution. Women’s Best is one of the world’s most successful online sport & supplement retailers, receiving thousands of purchase orders a day. They sell women’s sport clothing and premium sport supplements on their online shop. By switching to the WhatsApp Business solution for customer service, they were able to reduce their handling time per customer inquiry by an average of 50%. Naturally, customer satisfaction increased as a result of their improved service – read more for details.

What’s the best customer service for a modern target group?

Women’s Best reaches 1.3 billion people a year, in 150 countries, in several languages, and receives hundreds of incoming messages every day. Processing them as soon as possible and offering good quality service is no easy task. The challenge is not only to respond to the customer’s initial inquiry with a fast but high-quality answer, but also to provide helpful, relevant information and engage in active dialogue with the customer.

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Women’s Best Optimizes its Customer Service with WhatsApp


The solution was clear: the WhatsApp Business solution offers decisive benefits for innovative and efficient customer service

“MessengerPeople’s platform is a perfect tool for this and allowed us to dramatically simplify our processes.”

David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder von Women’s Best.

The Women’s Best support team and marketing team worked together with MessengerPeople to implement the messaging app as a communication channel within four weeks. “We particularly value our collaboration with MessengerPeople because of their quick and flexible product development cycle,” sad David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Women’s Best.

Women’s Best uses the Messenger Communication Platform for two main use cases:

1) WhatsApp Business API for customer service: The customer support team uses the Messenger Communication Platform to centrally manage all incoming customer inquiries and answer personally, offering pre-sales, post-sales, and of course during-sales support.

2) WhatsApp Notifications: Automated messages  update customers with order confirmations and shipping information.

Faster, simpler and more profit! 

“With the introduction of the Messenger Communication Platform out email customer support platform has become obsolete.”

David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Women’s Best.

By choosing messaging apps for their customer service, Women’s Best has reduced the time needed to process requests by 50% and the customer service team receives 70% fewer emails. Customers especially appreciate how simple it is to contact the company via messaging apps and the short reaction time. This, understandably, has a positive effect on purchasing behavior. Women’s Best is already seeing direct sales results from their customer-centric service approach.


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