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Are you interested in the possibilites that messaging apps hold for customer communication, engagement, chatbots, and customer service?

From strategy tips, to user numbers and statistics, to best practice cases and details on successful Facebook Chatbots, our Whitepaper will tell you all you need to know about WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and even more messaging apps.

messenger communication uk landscape

UK Special: Professional Messenger Communication for Beginners and Experts

Exclusive Insights

The rise of messaging apps and specific data about UK messenger use

Expert Messenger Communication Knowledge

Specifically for businesses: professional messenger communication. For customer service, communication, engagement and more — all via messaging apps.

Best Practice Examples

Detailed use cases featuring our customers, from BMW, Deutsche Bahn, VW Frankfurt, and many more.

Strategy Checklists

Our advice and checklists help you develop the perfect strategy for your business’s messenger communication.

KPIs and ROI Calculation

Calculate the success that messaging apps will bring you: Return on Investment, and other important KPIs.

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