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WhatsApp Update 2019 – In this article, we provide you with regular updates about the latest WhatsApp updates, as well as planned features for app versions on Android and iOS.

Live blog: As soon as there is new information about WhatsApp and new app versions and/or features, we will update this article.



Update June 18th

No more sending pictures to the wrong contact!

A new feature will ensure that no more images are accidentally sent to the wrong contact. In the new “WhatsApp Beta User” update, the recipient’s name is now also displayed while writing a caption. Even though some might consider this redundant because you already are in the personal chat, it is still a relevant update to further strengthen user control over content. It is currently not final, when this feature will oficially be introduced in the app.

Update May 22nd

Ads on WhatsApp? Available in Stories from 2020!

It has been known since last year that WhatsApp plans to play ads on its Stories feature (Status). It was expected to be launched in 2019 and now it has been announced at the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam that the status ads will come in 2020. In WhatsApp Business, we learned that the news formats will be even more enriched. This means that companies that send images or PDFs in a message in the future will also be able to add their own comments. In addition, the WhatsApp Business product catalog announced at this year’s f8 will be integrated into the Facebook product catalog.

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Update April 4th

WhatsApp Business App now also available for iOS

As of today, WhatsApp has announced that small and medium sized companies can now use the WhatsApp Business App if they are based in Brasil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, UK or USA. Since the launch of this app in early 2018, it was only applicable to Android systems. From today onwars smaller companies can start using the app on their iPhone, too.

The features are not different to those available on the Android version:

  • Business Profile:Β Official information about the company with picture, description, address etc
  • Messaging Tools:Β Clear focus on quick answers to frequently asked questions, welcome messages or opening hours.
  • WhatsApp Web:Β The option to use the app on your desktop to communicate with your clients

It has basically only been a question of time until the release of this Business App for SMEs, especially since WhatsApp focusses on providing more business solutions for a convenient and easy customer communication via chat app.

WhatsApp Update 2019 WhatsApp Business App


Tip: Today’s announcement targets small and medium-sized enterprises. But be aware of these important three aspects:

  1. When it comes to data protection, the WhatsApp Business App lacks the necessary conformity with GDPR
  2. This app is targeted to SMEs, so processing customer enquiries, you will quickly reach the limits
  3. Also in terms of scaling, once again it shows, that it is simply not enough and not efficient enough to employ 5 employees and providing a telephone support when you want to offer professional customer service

Our recommendation: Use the WhatsApp Business API with an official WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider: MessengerPeople. We offer the first professional ticket system for customer service via messaging apps. It is scalable, it can efficiently handle large volumes of customer requests, and it is absolutely GDPR-compliant.

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Update April 3rd

Privacy: WhatsApp users can now select who can invite them to groups

Thinking of the election in India, WhatsApp has introduced yet another feature to prevent the spread of fake news: a privacy setting feature for users to decide and choose who can add and invite them to groups.

Under Settings > Privacy, the user can choose from three options of who can invite them to groups.

WhatsApp electoral campaign

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are three options available: everyone, my contacts, and nobody. If the user selects nobody, the person who wants to invite you to the group is given the possibility to invite you in a personal 1:1 chat. This invitation to join the group will be valid for three days. If you choose the my contacts option, then the same applies for contacts that have you as a contact in their address book but you don’t have them in yours.

WhatsApp has now revealed that the new development is already being rolled out to some users and will be available globally in the coming weeks. All you need to do is keep your WhatsApp up-to-date with the latest version installed on your device.

Update January 17th

Security: WhatsApp can now be secured with Touch-ID and Face-ID

Since yesterday, the latest iOS version 2.19.20 of WhatsApp supports the so-called Touch ID as well as Face ID.

As far as Android is concerned, there will be an update in the next few weeks to support the new biometric security feature. The world’s most popular messaging app (and largest in terms of user numbers) will once again focus on the security of its users. In addition to the locking the entire smartphone via passcode / touch ID / face ID, WhatsApp itself can now also be locked. Users are already familiar with this procedure from banking apps or payment apps such as PayPal, for example.

Depending on the iPhone model you own, you can choose between Touch ID and Face ID. And, as you can see, the new security feature is also set up very quickly.


Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.


WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 1


Step 2: Click on Account to get to the Privacy section.

WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 2


Step 3: Click on the last menu item at the bottom – Screen Lock



WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 4


Step 4: Activate the Touch ID by flipping the switch and clicking “Immediately”.


WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 3

Step 5: Check the enabled Touch ID setting for WhatsApp


WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 5WhatsApp Update 2019 Touch ID Feature 6

Update January 17th

WhatsApp gives permission to third party providers for sticker integration – among the first to join is Google

After WhatsApp had recently put a stop to third-party sticker integration after the initial release, it became known today that Google’s GBoard (Google’s keyboard for Android and iOS smartphones) is the first known brand to be integrated.

The background motive: Android smartphones have the largest market shares worldwide. And which company is on every phone? Google. And of course WhatsApp is also represented worldwide on iOS as well as Android devices, as we know from app downloads worldwide.

The screenshots that WABetainfo integrated into his article show how the integration will work. WhenWhatsApp is open, the keyboard below is open and visible. TheΒ  integration of GBoard replaces the standard keyboard and will be used with the opened WhatsApp app.

Of course there is also a button for stickers etc. integrated in the keyboard. Clicking on this button opens a search bar for stickers provided by Google via GBoard. Quite simple. Beside the stickers you can also search at Google yourself or usw GIFs and much more.

The integration is relatively small, but it is indispensable for the popular “soft” messenger communication. By the way: basically Giphy, Tenor, Momento and other providers also offer such keyboard integrations, for example for the so popular GIFs.

Update January 14th

Withdraw money from an ATM using WhatsApp? This is really possible!

A Brazilian bank, the Banco do Brasil, has made what people from other countriesstill dream about come true: cash withdrawal via WhatsApp. This means that the bank’s own apps are no longer necessary.

How does it work?

  • Store bank contact (phone number) in address book and ask for withdrawal
  • A chatbot on IBM Watson technology asks for the amount and the PIN that the customer must enter
  • After verification, the customer is sent a code which must be entered in the ATM and is valid for the day of the request

From a user perspective – and there are 1.5 billion active users of WhatsApp – this is a great feature, because you could now use WhatsApp for banking business, as well as many other things.

BTW: the Brazilian bank has set a maximum amount of 80 euros per 24 hours when withdrawing cash via WhatsApp. This makes sense, because in case of suspicious activity, the bank is not threatened with excessive losses.

Update January 10th

WhatsApp Update iOS Version 2.19.10 (Add private answers to groups, pictures & videos to stickers, 3D Touch)

With the new WhatsApp update for iOS version 2.19.10, three new features are rolled out. First, users in groups can now respond privately to group messages. To do this, tap on the respective message and select the menu item “Private reply” under “More”, as the screenshot shows.

whatsapp feature

whatsapp feature



In addition, it is now possible to include stickers in pictures and videos. All you have to do is click on the smiley icon in edit mode.


The third new feature allows a preview of the status messages of the contacts with 3D Touch.

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