WhatsApp wants to introduce polls for group chats—with emojis!

On Instagram and Facebook they have been around for a while, now the popular feature will also come to WhatsApp: polls! WhatsApp wants to launch the new poll option for group chats this year. And it will include emojis! We explain everything that’s known so far about the new feature.

WhatsApp has a lot of plans for 2022. The popular messaging app is getting a number of updates. These include sending pictures in higher quality, a new audio chat channel, and an improvement of the multi-device function.

Now, there seems to be yet another update on the way: WhatsApp is working on a new poll function for groups.

WhatsApp introduces poll feature: finally!

Which movie do we want to see? On what day do we meet? At which restaurant do we want to celebrate the birthday party? Anyone who is part of a WhatsApp group has had to deal with this type of questions. After all, the point of a group chat is to exchange ideas with friends, and plan things together.

However, coordinating all of this, and getting answers from everyone, can be very tedious. It can take a long time until everyone has finally answered what week day works best for the book club meetings, or whether it’s better to meet in the mornings or evenings for a work-out. Until now, the solutions have been:

  • annoy the group members, until everybody has answered
  • post a link to an external survey tool
  • install a third-party tool on your phone

None of these workarounds are easy or efficient. Which is why, a lot of WhatsApp users will be excited to learn that the messaging app will soon introduce a new poll feature for group chats.

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Polls on WhatsApp: What can we expect?

We heard first rumors about the new poll feature a month ago. That’s when it had first been spotted with the iOS upgrade for Apple devices.

After the WhatsApp beta update for iOS on April 5, now there are first screenshots available that show how the poll feature could look like.

This is what polls on WhatsApp could look like. (Source: Wabetainfo)

As it’s shown in the screenshot, users can create their own polls, and share them with their groups. There is a maximum of twelve possible answers. And: the answers can be simply emojis as well, which adds an element of fun to the polls. Overall, the new feature should make it much easier to answer questions and coordinate meetings in group chats.

WhatsApp surveys, and opportunities for businesses

In addition to the benefits for private users, the poll feature on WhatsApp is also exciting for businesses. As everyone knows, people love polls, which is why they are real engagement drivers. In an Instagram survey, for instance, 57 percent of users said that they like to see polls from brands on the platform.

Polls can also be a handy tool to get valuable feedback from clients, and thus improve their services.

At the same time, polls can make the conversations with your customers a lot more fun. Especially by adding emojis, they are great for injecting some humor into the chat.

Just like on other messaging services, polls open up a whole new word of possibilities to communicate with customers, so it will be exciting to see how businesses will make use of the new feature.

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WhatsApp hasn’t officially announced a launch date yet for the new feature, but it’s supposed to be rolled out in 2022. We will definitely keep an eye out for it!

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