Customer Service and WhatsApp: 7 Transport Cases ft. 1:1 Chat, Chatbots, and more

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Customer service and WhatsApp – we’ve written a lot about how and why companies should start offering customer communication via messaging apps. A great example of a customer service case that benefits from the advantages of messaging apps is transport notification. One of WhatsApp’s biggest advantages is the fact that messages show up on push screens, easily getting the customer’s attention. This can take transportation customer service to the next level. Read more for 7 transport cases over WhatsApp.

Listing of Transport Customer Communication Cases

1. Airport Hamburg: updates via WhatsApp push notifications

The HamburgĀ AirportĀ uses WhatsApp push notifications specifically to communicate last-minute updates and information. This includes information about passengers’ flights, delays, weather conditions or security issues at the airport, or any other useful information for Hamburg residents and travelers. Sending the information in real-time helps keep everyone up to date in a convenient way.

2. Eurowings: deals & customer support Chatbot

Lufthansa’s daughter company offers customers push notification service for suitable flight deals. They also use events like Black Friday to give customers sales and last minute discounts for their flights.Ā EurowingsĀ also has a Chatbot which can respond intelligently to customers. The WhatsApp Chatbot is for first-level support, qualifying what the customer inquiry is about, and then directing it to the proper department.

If you want to see an example of an ideal landing page for messenger services, the Eurowings page will be of interest — of course, it helps if you speak German!

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Successful Customer Service with Messaging Apps.

3. Germania:Ā  special offers & trip planning

With WhatsApp notifications, the charter airlineĀ Germania offers their customers the best travel and flight deals. The users have an array of categories to choose from: they can choose what kind of deals they want to receive information about, so that they receive only relevant information. This type of personalization helps avoid losses and raises the quality of the information you send. This almost automatically creates a better customer relationship. The airline also offers special deals for various sales. Germania sends news over the MessengerPeople Customer Service Plattform, which sends messages directly to users’ WhatsApp.

4. Lufthansa: transport news and PR

The worldwide Airline und Star Alliance Partner, Lufthansa, uses WhatsApp notifications to provide journalists, customers, and other interested parties with press releases in real-time. The press releases are sent as a teaser text with a link to the full release. About 2-3 news updates a week are published on WhatsApp, with photos, graphics, and links. Specifically in public relations work, relevant press contacts can be reached easily over this channel. It’s a win-win situation for both the journalists, and Lufthansa.

5. Holiday Pirates: deals & consultant-Chatbot for travel planning

Holiday PiratesĀ is one of the biggest travel communities and offers customers WhatsApp push notifications for various cheap last-minute deals. These deals can be personalized by choosing categories that interest you. If you sign up for the category family trips, then you will receive notifciations whenever there are new travel deals for families.

Additionally, Holiday Pirates offers raffles over WhatsApp, where subscribers can win exclusive deals. This raises engagement, as well as customer loyalty and satisfaction. The editorial team sends out about 3 WhatsApp notifications daily, and customers can also use the Chatbot for automated search and consultation.

6. Deutsche Bahn: WhatsApp transport communication & cleanliness tracker

The well-known train transport brandĀ Deutsche BahnĀ also sends customers information and service updates via messaging apps.

In terms of content distribution, Deutsche Bahn sends messages about their innovation program “Zukunft Bahn” (Future Train). The goal of these posts is to strengthen the brand image and customer trust and loyalty by promoting innovative, future-oriented topics.


Deutsche Bahn also offers WhatsApp customer service for something that has a noticeable effect on the customer experience — cleanliness around train stations and trains. Cleaning teams for selected train stations are available over WhatsApp, so that customers can simply send a quick WhatsApp message to let the team know there’s an area that needs to be cleaned.

The Deutsche Bahn in Nordrhein Westfalen also offers a WhatsApp transport notification service. All commuter lines, regional trains, and regional express trains can be selected – you can set a time window of when you usually travel, and then receive notifications about delays, cancellations, or any other alerts. There is no faster or more precise way to inform commuters about possible changes to their travel plans – and it’s certainly far more convenient than customers having to check a website multiple times a day. You can read more about the Deutsche Bahn WhatsApp transport communication service here: Interview with the Deutsche Bahn Regio NRW.

7. Hamburger Hochbahn: multi-channel subway transport information

TheĀ Hamburger Hochbahn offers push notifications for the different subway lines in Hamburg. Customers can subscribe to a variety of info channels to receive information about the different relevant transport lines that they regularly use. This messaging app customer service is promoted prominently on the website, alongside the other social media channels. On the landing page (Hochbahn WhatsApp Ticker) it’s clearly stated how the service works, and the value that it offers customers: real time transport info, right at the customers’ fingertips.


The Hamburger Hochbahn also has a hybrid Chatbot for traffic services. The intelligent automated responses allows the Bot to do first level support, answering outside of the typical service times and responding with standard answers to FAQs. For more complicated inquiries, the Chatbot directs the inquiry to the suitable employee. This helps save resources, and creates a measurably better service experience.

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Customer Service and WhatsApp: 3 Take Aways for the Transport Branch

  1. Customer service via WhatsApp was a blank page for a long time – companies weren’t sure how to bridge the gap between personal and professional communication. The trend of messaging apps developing themselves in a business direction (WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chats.) and the clearly positive user opinion towards messenger customer service is helping the movement gain momentum.
  2. Chatbots in customer service won’t get rid of customer support teams, but rather complement them, and help companies become more efficient. A great way to get started in this area is with hybrid Chatbots, that can take over 1st level support and then hand the conversations over to employees when it becomes too complicated or when qualifying pre-setps have been completed.
  3. “Customer service via messaging apps is much more scalable than a call center,” said Markus Besch, CEO Social Media Institute, in our customer service interview series. And why? “The conversation is much shorter, and companies can answer more questions quicker, with better quality answers. This adds efficiency.”

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