WhatsApp Marketing with Social Chain – Why You Should Use It

Marketing agencies are known for their innovative communication strategies, and are often the first to successfully implement new trends and channels.  After all, successful and thought-provoking communication is their job! To delve deeper into the latest marketing movement, Messenger Marketing, we spoke to Peter Daly from Social Chain in an exclusive interview. He talks about how Social Chain uses WhatsApp marketing, what the benefits are, and why it’s working so well.

Important Points at a Glace:

  • If you want to build trust and maintain a highly engaged customer audience, WhatsApp is the most effective channel.
  • You can save up to 50% of your time and resources using MessengerPeople instead of sending messages manually.
  • Unlike on other social media platforms, it’s not unusual to achieve the highest CTR with your own content!


Co-founded in 2014 by then-students Steve Bartlett, 25, and Dom McGregor, 24, Manchester-based Social Chain has risen from humble origins to become an award-winning global social media marketing agency with offices in London, Berlin and New York. Social Chain’s engaging and high traction campaigns have won the agency world-renowned clients such as Warner Music, New Balance, Thomas Cook, Sky Bet and Superdry, amongst many others. No wonder that they’re always up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.


1. Tell us something about the idea to start using WhatsApp as a communication tool. How did you find out about us?

We were already using WhatsApp as a marketing tool but it soon became very difficult to manage and grow the service, because we were relying on a device with so many manual processes. MessengerPeople has saved us around 50% of time spent sending our daily morning updates.


2. What goals did you set for your WhatsApp marketing and how are the results so far?

We aim to triple our user base by the end of 2018. We currently switched over from one device to another so we’re still in the process of transerring data. We will also soon begin to offer categories, in an effort to broaden our content offering.


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3. How has your community developed so far? Do your users like the service via WhatsApp?

Our community engages with us on a daily basis, thanking us for updates and also offering suggestions on how we can improve the user experience. We also have a very low unsubscribe rate — based on those factors I would say we have a very happy, well engaged community.


4. How and for what kind of content do you use your WhatsApp channel? Is there any special/exclusive content, with an extremely high attraction regarding CTRs/feedback?

Currently we sent one message which includes news, insights and data from the world of social media. We do, however, include our own content at least twice per week which always yields the highest CTR. I believe this positiviy comes because we offer so much content that doesn’t specifically focus on us an agency, which the users appreciate. We’re not spamming them with sales content day after day.




5. In your opinion: what are the biggest differences between messenger on the one hand,and social media, email or apps on the other? What kind of advantages do you see in WhatsApp marketing?

It’s all about personalization and convenience. We reply to our users when they reach out, so people appreciate the 1:1 interaction, rather than feeling like a number in an email list. Unlike with an email distribution list, retail space on a person’s device and messaging app is very valuable, so once you’re in, there’s a real opportunity to build on that trust and gain a highly engaged user/customer.


6. How do you think messenger marketing will affect the British and international markets? Will there be some major changes? Or will things will stay as they are? Are some channels going to switch positions regarding their importance?

I think messenger marketing will only continue to grow, providing brands and services market themselves natively to the platform and go beyond their own needs to ensure transparent data practice. I don’t think there will be any major shifts anytime soon, but if more key big brands begin to experiment with messenger successfully, we could see retention/loyalty strategies shifting away from Facebook and other ‘typical’ social marketing platforms.


7. What kind of features are your favorites and how do you use them? What can MessengerPeople do for you in the future to make your results even better? Are there any special requests for features you would like to see?

The categories feature is very useful and incredibly easy to set up, the same goes for the polls feature, something which we might start to use for research purposes.

A more in depth reporting feature would be VERY usful. For instance, visibility of open rate and CTR directly on the dashboard. Also, it would be good to have more customization on the widget, or different variations to fit different touch points, for instance, a one page website would maybe benefit from having a bigger centralised design to make the CTA more obvious. (Ed. note September 2018: our Widget has been redesigned and is now much more customizable, while remaining completely secure!

A big thank you to Peter Daly, for your interesting insights and we are happy to hear about your positive experiences with MessengerPeople and WhatsApp marketing so far!


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