WhatsApp for Business Is Out! Android, SMBs, Verified Accounts – 1.3 billion users can now chat with businesses!

WhatsApp for Business is now finally live. The world’s biggest messaging app with more than 1.3 billion users is now rolling out its business version for Android worldwide. The application is already available in the U.S., Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico. Germany and its 40 million users are still waiting, along with many other strong WhatsApp countries such as Singapore, many countries in South America, and more. WhatsApp’s announcement ended with these words: “This is just the beginning!” And we at MessengerPeople can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

WhatsApp for Business: what you should know!

It’s reasonable to believe that the current developments in professional messenger communication will expand to further countries, becoming an established global phenomenon. Tests in India and Brazil went so well that both countries now also have official access to WhatsApp for Business.

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Picture: WhatsApp

It may be some time before we see how far WhatsApp for Business will spread. Further announcements are predicted to follow in early May, just in time for the F8, Facebook’s developer conference. The German-speaking version for business seems to be in advanced stages of development. Yesterday Thorsten Schiefen, Manager of Digital and Communications of Phantasialand, spontaneously tested the German version with our editorial team.

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What exactly does the WhatsApp for Business version offer? WhatsApp has introduced a clear, professional orientation for the business version of the messaging app.

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Features including verified accounts, business profiles, messaging tools (quick replies, greeting messages including away messages), messaging statistics, WhatsApp web for desktop & account type were all announced. We believe these features will be introduced gradually.

Interestingly enough, in the English announcement, a desktop client for WhatsApp for Business was mentioned, however in the German announcement it was not mentioned. We’ll see in the future whether that was an involuntary admission or whether the offerings are country-specific.

However, these features were only said to be available for Android so far. Thus far, nothing has been announced for iOS. This brings some justifiable doubts as to whether there will be a version for iOS in the future at all…


WhatsApp for Business: What we think about it

“WhatsApp for Business shows that WhatsApp is now serious about supporting businesses. The app that is already used by more than one billion users, will also allow millions of small business owners to benefit from its features. On the other hand, big and medium-sized enterprises for sure will require service providers such as MessengerPeople that offer additional support. For example, additional functionalities, European data security safeguarding and local support.” Franz Buchenberger the CEO and founder of MessengerPeople regarding WhatsApp for Business.


Recently, more and more people are gaining interest in communicating with businesses via chat and messaging apps. Fewer customers are interested in contacting businesses via email or by phone. Fact is: We see big potential with the release of WhatsApp for Business and we are certain that many users and businesses will benefit from it.


MessengerPeople Features as the optimal addition to WhatsApp for Business

If you want to run professional communication management via WhatsApp (following the example of over 1,000 MessengerPeople’s clients) you will need professional software and other essential features for your business.

“Considering how long it took Facebook, a billion-dollar company, to have a reasonably working business solution and considering how basic this solution is on Instagram to date, we must wait and see if or when we can fully enjoy these features on WhatsApp for Business as well.”                         Matthias Mehner, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at MessengerPeople

MessengerPeople already offers customers a professional solution with all essential functions:

  • Targeting, categorization and multiplechannels
  • EU/German data security
  • German server infrastructure
  • Consulting and service support
  • User management
  • KPIs such as click tracking and benchmarking
  • Simple and intuitive customer interface
  • Automation through Chatbots
  • Multi-Agent log in access
  • Cross-messenger support
  • Backend integration
  • API interface for pre-existing CRM and CMS systems
  • Scalable

We are looking forward to the next developments in messaging app customer communication, and excited about the experiences that WhatsApp for Business will bring.

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