WhatsApp Business API with interactive buttons

WhatsApp Business API Buttons – We know the predefined buttons from dialogues with Facebook Messenger chatbots that guide us through the conversation. With WhatsApp Buttons, WhatsApp is introducing exactly this feature in the WhatsApp Business API. Medium and large companies can use this feature for professional customer communication via WhatsApp.

In this post you will learn:

  1. Why buttons on WhatsApp at all?
  2. What are WhatsApp Business API buttons?
  3. Which types of WhatsApp Business API buttons are there?
  4. Who can use WhatsApp Business API buttons?

1. Why buttons on WhatsApp at all?

Previously, WhatsApp only had numbers, letters or hashtags that could be used to guide users in dialogs with Chatbots. This is exemplified by our Corona Info chatbot, which is already in use by many authorities and governments worldwide.

The new WhatsApp Business API buttons offer an upgrade from the old dialogue between customer and company, because users can explain to the bot what they need  much faster via buttons. No reaction from the bot due to spelling mistakes are a thing of the past, as is manually describing ones problem. Now, through a few clicks, the customer will get the same result as in a lenghty conversation, thus improving the quality of customer support. Another positive factor should also be considered: WhatsApp Business API buttons will make conversations between businesses and customers  shorter and companys will we be able to spend that time and those ressources elsewhere.

2. What are WhatsApp Business API buttons?

The buttons now made available by WhatsApp are functional buttons that companies can make available to their users in dialogues. However, the WhatsApp Business API buttons can only be used if the company also uses the WhatsApp Business API.

Basically, the WhatsApp Business API so far distinguishes all messages that companies send to users as template messages (WhatsApp notifications) or session messages (messages within the 24h service window).

The WhatsApp Business API buttons currently are only supported in template messages and not session messages. The existing templates for Standard Messages and Media Messages will now be extended to Interactive Message templates to implement the interactive buttons feature. The respective templates must be approved by WhatsApp before they can be sent. Once they are approved, they can be used in WhatsApp notifications as well as customer service messages.

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3. What types of WhatsApp Business API buttons are there?

WhatsApp currently supports two types of WhatsApp Business API buttons, which we will briefly explain here.

3.1 Quick Reply

For quick reply, up to 3 additional quick reply buttons are allowed per message template (e.g. My Orders, Recent Products or FAQ). The button for each message can be clicked only once by the customer. Once they click the button, it will turn gray.

Selly Chatbot Conversational Commerce

3.2 Call-to-Action (CTA)

Up to 2 CTA WhatsApp Business API buttons can be added per template message. For example, customers can either go to the company’s website with one click or call it directly. The latter is variable because an interface (API) is always called.

CTA WhatsApp Business Buttons

Via the CTA the customer gets to the website or calls the company directly

Source: Cifnews

Here are some more great examples of WhatsApp buttons:
WhatsApp Business Buttons Update

Source: infobip

4. Who can use WhatsApp Business API buttons?

Currently, only companies using the WhatsApp Business API can use the WhatsApp Business API buttons. The WhatsApp Business API, which is aimed at medium and larger businesses, is only available to companys and organizations through WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs) like MessengerPeople.

Smaller companies that use the WhatsApp Business app, for example, cannot currently use the newly introduced WhatsApp buttons.

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