WhatsApp Business API: Usage Scenarios & Implementation

Since August 2018, selected verified partners and companies have been given access to the official WhatsApp Business API. The business solution offers a variety of innovative usage scenarios for customer and target group communication and engagement. We’ve summed up the three best ways to communicate with your target group, as well as the three most important points in WhatsApp Business API implementation.

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, MessengerPeople can offer customers all the advantages of the official API to optimize their customer communication.

For companies to contact their customers via WhatsApp, the customers have to actively agree to messaging app contact with the business. This active consent scurely fulfills GDPR regulations. All messages and content also remain under WhatsApp’s strict end-to-end encryption. Neither WhatsApp nor the parent company Facebook can see the business-customer conversations or any multimedia sent in the chat.

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Usage Scenarios for the WhatsApp Business API


1. Customer Communication & SupportWhatsApp Custsomer Service

Customers can initiate contact with companies over WhatsApp and ask questions about purchase details, billing, product information, individual concerns, and much more.

We offer support for integration into external CRM systems, so that you can work across mediums seamlessly.


2. Notifications & Alerts

Companies are also able to send messages to their customers to provide live updates about important information or changes. These messages can even pop up on the customer’s smartphone lock screen.

Usage examples include booking or payment confirmation, delivery updates, flight time changes, reminders for bills or appointments, and more.


3. Target Group Interaction

An important element in the customer relationship is customer engagement and the personal interaction between the company and the customer. With survey, feedback requests about products or services, and requests for user-generated content, you can gain valuable information and develop a better customer relationship.

The better you understand your target group and their needs, the more personal and effective your customer communication will be.

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WhatsApp Business API Implementation: How To

For seamless integration into the WhatsApp Business API, the three points below are essential:

1. Facebook Business Manager ID

The main precondition for using the WhatsApp Business API is a verified WhatsApp company profile, which can be created in the Facebook Business Manager.


2. Customer Service Telephone Number

Secondly, companies need a phone number for the WhatsApp Customer Service Channel. Mobile, landline, and toll-free numbers are all possible.

The phone number must be able to receive either SMS or phone calls and cannot have been used for WhatsApp in the past six months. We can also offer you a phone number from our pool.


3. WhatsApp Customer Service Channel Name

The name for the WhatsApp Channel can have a maximum of 265 characters. The name will be shown to the customers in WhatsApp and cannot contain emojis or the word “WhatsApp.” Please note that the name cannot be changed later.


If companies choose to work with MessengerPeople, as one of the few official international providers, MessengerPeople takes over all technical integration into the API. Our expert team and technical support offers comprehensive assistance during the process and is available for all contact.

To ensure that companies can make the most out of the WhatsApp API’s potential, we’ve written an article with 5 tips for success with the business solution.

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