WhatsApp Business for Your Customer Communication

Communicate with your customers via the world’s most used messaging app – WhatsApp. As a verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, MessengerPeople enables you to communicate professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations via the official WhatsApp Business interface (API).

Be present where your customers are and benefit from the powerful opportunities of WhatsApp for your business’s success!

Why Customer Communication via WhatsApp Business API?

Most-Used Messaging App

Most-Used Messaging App

Over 2 billion WhatsApp users globally.



Guaranteed end-to-end encryption and GDPR-compliant communication.

Official Business Account

Official Business Account

Official and verified company profile creates trust.



Increase the efficiency & quality of your customer communication through automation and chatbots.

No Waiting Queue

No Waiting Queue

Communicate with your customers synchronously (in real-time) and asynchronously (time-delayed).



Help your customers faster and more interactively with pictures, videos, audio or documents.

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Customer Advisory Service - Fast & Efficient

Provide consultation for your customers individually and free of charge within 24 hours.


Offer support to your customers and communicate product information directly via chat.

Invoice Enquiries

Your customers can easily contact you via WhatsApp for invoice related questions.

Individual Problems

Be available for your customers via WhatsApp for individual questions and problems.

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Customer Service - Personal & Direct

Offer your customers a better customer experience and increase satisfaction.


Simplify the processing of customer returns and reduce the number of returns.

Questions about Usage

Answer your customers’ questions about the usage of your services or products quickly and directly.

Modification of Personal Data

Your customers can easily update their personal information via WhatsApp.

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Chatbots & Automation

Use automatic answers or chatbots to answer your customers’ questions in a resource-saving way.

Prequalification of Enquiries

In first level support, chatbots help you collect customer data, such as name, request and customer number.


Channel recurring requests and answer them automatically to reduce the workload on your support staff.

Service & Sales

Advise & inform via chatbots and increase your sales and customer satisfaction through simple automation.

Lead Generation

With interactive dialogues, quizzes or marketing campaigns you collect valuable data of future customers.

Notifications & Alerts

Use WhatsApp messages to send your customers important information or changes in real time directly, to the lock screen.


Registration confirmations or two-factor authentication directly via WhatsApp.


Inform your customers for instance, about the status of the delivery or changes in flight times.

Appointments & Reminders

Schedule appointments or remind your customers about appointments or outstanding invoices.


Send booking or payment confirmations to your customers directly in WhatsApp.

Your MessengerPeople solution for WhatsApp

With the Messenger Communication Platform you can manage your customer communication via WhatsApp and other messaging apps professionally, efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Intuitive Ticket System

Use a modern ticket system with easy-to-use ticket allocation via drag & drop or autorouting.


Your employees work in defined roles and efficiently together in a team.


Become more efficient with predefined or suggested answers.

Unified Messaging Solution

Offer customer service in parallel via several messengers (WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber) and manage inquiries centrally via our platform.

Chatbot Builder

Create chatbots that support your customer communication without any programming knowledge.

Free WhatsApp Business API Webinars

Learn how to successfully use WhatsApp in your customer communications. Our experts will also guide you step-by-step through the platform, provide strategic tips & tricks and show best practices from various industries.


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