How to use WhatsApp & Co. for marketing, sales & service

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Discover the real possibilities of Conversational Commerce!

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram Messaging, Messenger from Meta, Telegram and Apple Messages for Business (iMessage) are more than just customer service channels!

It is about marketing, sales (order, payment, delivery), and service via WhatsApp & other messaging apps – the efficient usage of messaging apps along the entire customer journey is already a reality today.

Learn in the webinar which messaging apps are right for which use case and how you can leverage them successfully – all based on real-life examples from a variety of retail and e-commerce companies.

Topic overview

  • Messaging apps overview in terms of conversational commerce
  • Compact overview of the conversational commerce market
  • WhatsApp Business Ecosystem and new business messages types
  • Why chatbots don’t sell products
  • How automation still helps you
  • Shop Integration with Shopware and Shopify
  • Many best practice examples

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