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Advanced Chatbots in Customer Service


Chatbots have existed as an idea for more than 50 years — and they’ve been being developed for just as long. What’s new is the rise of messaging apps, which gives businesses a viable platform with which to leverage the possibilities that chatbots offer.

Specifically in customer service, using chatbots on messaging apps offers efficiency benefits that can’t be realized on any other platform. In our free hands-on webinar, we provide a comprehensive explanation of how how to successfully and efficiently use chatbots throughout the customer journey.

Topic overview

  • How can chatbots support customer service?
  • Chatbot conception & tools: Every chatbot needs a solid concept
  • How can I design dialogues with multimedia and variants?
  • How can I collect customer data with the bot?
  • What personalization options do chatbots offer to improve the user experience?

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