Webchat is now available on MessengerPeople!

Since the end of June 2021, MessengerPeople customers can also use webchat (live chat) at no extra charge. In addition to WhatsApp, Messenger from Facebook, Apple Business Chat, Telegram or Instagram direct messages, now there is an additional chat channel for fast communication between customer and company! We have summarized the advantages of webchat for MessengerPeople customers here.

What is webchat?

Webchat – often called LiveChat, is the small window that you can find on many company websites. Webchat is usually activated by clicking on a chat icon at the bottom right of the web page. In the chat window, customers can chat directly with companies. In the best case, this happens live. Some providers also only activate a chatbot that responds with automatic answers.

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What are the advantages of webchat for the customer?

For the customer, the advantage is quite clear: instead of writing an email or making a phone call, they can chat quickly and directly with the company and, for example, ask questions about special offers on the website.

Another advantage over chats via Messenger is that the customer can remain anonymous and does not have to log in.

What are the advantages of webchat for the company?

Quick direct answers are becoming increasingly important in customer relations. Webchats are the perfect software for this. They are easy to use, quick answers reduce the effort, chatbots save even more resources and you advise customers exactly where you can sell them something – on your website!

💡 More advantages of messenger and chat communication in customer service

What are the disadvantages of webchat?

The biggest disadvantages of webchat are its advantages 😉

  • Because it is anonymous, a webchat cannot be followed up if, for example, the browser is closed.
  • That customers expect a live chat can pressurise a company to respond. An employee is not always available, for example on weekends or at peak times.

That is why MessengerPeople has come up with some innovative solutions for Livechat!

What are the advantages of the MessengerPeople webchat?

  • Activation free of charge! For MessengerPeople customers, the use of webchat is included.
  • Unlimited widgets: You can create unlimited widgets, the little chat bubble that customers use to start the live chat with you, for free.
  • Custom design: Color-code your webchat to match your corporate design.
  • Inbox: In addition to WhatsApp, Messenger from Facebook, Apple Business Chat, Telegram and Instagram direct messages, now, web chats also lead directly into your ticket system.
  • A chatbot: You have already built a chatbot for WhatsApp or one of the other messengers? Then you can automatically use it for webchat without any extra effort!
  • Easy transfer to WhatsApp! If the customer has to interrupt his live chat (e.g. because he shuts down his computer), he can simply continue the chat in WhatsApp. All he has to do is scan the QR code in the webchat.
  • Out-of-office chatbot: Instead of not offering a live chat on Sunday, for example, a webchat bot can send an out-of-office message and forward the customer directly to WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, customers are expected to have more patience for a response and the company can simply contact them on Monday.

Simply forward webchat to WhatsApp

How to set up the MessengerPeople webchat?

Quite simply via our software! Maria from our Customer Success Team shows you how it works. Customers can find more information in the Help Center.

MessengerPeople – more than just live chat!

With our software solution “Messenger Communication Platform” you can…

  • 👨‍⚖️ … use Webchat and messaging apps like WhatsApp with full GDPR compliance for your customer service.
  • 🚀… start immediately and without any IT efforts necessary – even out of a work-from-home setup
  • 💻… edit and reply to all messages centrally – no matter from which messaging app they were sent
  • ↔ … assign tickets manually or automatically via autorouting to the relevant team member
  • 🤖 … easily set up automations with the help of our chatbot builder
  • 💰 … use the No. 1 communication channel effectively and at a fair pricing, also without a set-up fee, for maximum personal digital consulting

You can get a first impression of our product here:

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