The 9 Things You Need for a Perfect Messenger Newsletter Landing Page

A landing page is the central spot where your Widget is embedded and your future followers are given an easy way to sign up for your news service via Notify, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. To make sure your landing page is as successful as possible, we have some tips and tricks for you. Below, we’ve gathered some best cases from over 1,200 MessengerPeople clients!

“What should my messenger services landing page look like — how can I get more users interested in my WhatsApp channel or my Chatbot?” With the excellent performance that businesses see from Messenger Marketing and messaging app customer service, it’s clear that more followers and users have a direct effect on your marketing and sales goals.

Today we show you why a messaging app newsletter landing page is so important. You need our widget, which MessengerPeople customers can edit in your customer interface under “Settings”. With our GDPR-compliant widget editor, you can completely customize this widget according to your own needs and easily integrate it into your website with a simple HTML code or a Java script.

Optimize Your Landing Page: More Followers for your Messenger Newsletter Service

1. Provide a step-by-step explanation for how to sign up for the newsletter!

Make sure you have different explanations for each messaging app that you offer, whether that is Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or another messaging app. The more clear and understandable your instructions are, the more likely it is that you’ll gain subscribers and users. If you’ve previously offered a WhatsApp newsletter, it’s good to explain that as of December 7th, WhatsApp newsletters won’t be supported, but that you can offer the newsletter over alternative messaging apps

We’ve created a sample text module for you that explains to your customers how to use the widget to continue receiving a newsletter via the messaging app of their choice:

This is how our service works:
1. Select the messaging app you want to subscribe to our service from and click on the icon in the left column of the widget.
2. check the box in the privacy statement.
3. click on the “Start” button and follow the instructions to subscribe to the service.

2. Make sure your messaging app newsletter can be found via Google

Include the terms “Notify” or “Facebook Messenger” or whatever your primary messaging app is in the URL if possible.

3. Make sure you have a clear and structured layout

Ideally create with a header with big graphics! This should offer an encouraging call to action, activating users to subscribe to the messenger newsletter.

4. Integrate your Widget as prominently as possible!

The more prominently you embed your widget, the easier it is for users and customers to subscribe to your messaging app service.

5. Use an animated gif or a video for extra clarity!

Short videos or GIFs that explain your messaging app service will help your future subscribers understand how to use the service and sign up for your newsletter!

6. Communicate clearly! Explain what advantages YOUR Messenger Newsletter offers your followers

Clearly highlight the advantages you offer your subscriber: your service keeps them up-to-date, and is exclusive and personalized! Emphasize that the messaging app service is free and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

7. Let your subscribers know what to expect from your channel.

Explain what kind of content your channel will distribute, and how often, whether that’s once a week, all the latest news, highlights, daily summaries, etc. Your users need to know that the information will be relevant for them and that you won’t write to them every 10 minutes!

8. Talk about data protection! We are 100% GDPR-compliant.

Point out that we fulfill the strictest data protection criteria. We only gather the user’s phone number for the initial subscription, and never share it with third parties.

9. Explain to your users the different topic categories you offer.

Let users know what kind of categories you use – you can tempt them with specific interests right away! This helps your service offer more personalized, relevant content.

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