The solution for successful Messenger Marketing: Newsletters, Customer Chat, and Chatbots

Use the most popular apps worldwide – messaging apps like WhatsApp – effectively and professionally for your marketing.

Use messengers to distribute content, communicate with your target groups in 1:1 dialogues, and create innovative Chatbots with the MessengerPeople Marketing Automation Platform.

Why Messenger Marketing?

Preferred Channel

Reach your customers on their preferred, most-used channel.


Get ready for 95% opening rates for your Messenger Newsletters, and 35% click-through-rates on links!

1:1 Dialogue

Create a close relationship with your target group by using the most direct communication channel.


Inform and entertain your community by using Chatbots.

Messenger Newsletter

Efficient newsletter distribution over WhatsApp and other messaging apps. The MessengerPeople Marketing Automation Platform provides a simple, central newsletter management system.

Desktop Control

Manage your messenger newsletters easily on desktop or over mobile with our platform.

Data Protection Compliant Sign-Up

Receive a customizable Widget to offer your subscribers a data protection compliant way to sign up for your messenger services. You don’t need a personal phone number or a WhatsApp Account: you receive a phone number through us.

Targeting and Categories

Create individual target groups to send users the most relevant newsletters.

Chatbot Builder

Automate your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. With the Chatbot Builder you can create Chatbots for a variety of needs without any prior programming experience.

Intuitive Building Blocks

Create your first Chatbot without a programming background, and without a ton of work.


Prepared templates help you create individual Bots for your business.


With the Chatbot Builder’s analysis tool, you can track how your Chatbot’s answers develop over time.


With the MessengerPeople Marketing Automation Platform you can contact your target group and answer their questions all in a direct, 1:1 chat.


Receive notifications about new messages over the MessengerPeople platform as well as over email.

User Profile

Get to know your users and save relevant information.

Pre-set Answers

Become more efficient with pre-set answers and simple Chatbot processes.

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