The solution for successful customer service over messaging apps

Your customers deserve the best customer service, over the communication channel that they prefer, whether that’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging app. With the MessengerPeople Customer Service Platform, you can manage your customer inquiries intuitively, professionally, and in full GDPR compliance.

Software Lösung für Messenger Kundenservice

Why use messaging apps for customer service?

Preferred Channel

Reach your customers over their preferred, most-used communication channel.

No waiting in line

Communicate with your customers in a synchronous and asynchronous time frame.


Improve your customer service with simple automation processes.


Answer customers’ questions more individually with visual representations like pictures and videos.

Our Platform, Your Advantages

1:1 Chat

One platform for all messaging apps. Chat directly with your customers over our intuitive platform, whether they’re using WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, or Telegram.


Receive notifications about new customer messages over the MessengerPeople platform and over email.


Your employees work in defined roles that form an efficient team.

Assign an Agent

Coordinate which employees handle which questions flexibly within your company.

User Profile

Get to know your users and save important information

Pre-set answers

Become more efficient with pre-set answers and simple Chatbot mechanisms.

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