Should small businesses pay for a professional messaging solution?

Is it worth for small and medium-sized businesses to pay for a professional messaging software? Yes! A professional solution doesn’t only guarantee 100 percent compliance with data regulations, it also gives SMBs a lot of options, while not breaking the bank. 

How much do you trust your used car dealer? It probably depends on how well you know them! That’s why establishing a close connection to their customers is essential for Trucktrade. The truck company from Switzerland specializes in the purchase, sale, and rental of different used commercial vehicles. And Trucktrade knows: in an industry where doing business is based on trust, being personable is key!

That’s why you can find a profile on each employee on the company’s website, and also their personal phone number to get in touch (even in different languages and from different regions). It’s what distinguishes the midsized company from many of their large competitors.

Therefore, it’s only natural that customers also reach out to Trucktrade on more personal channels. like the Messenger on Facebook or WhatsApp, to ask questions or to look for deals. Even though it would be possible for Trucktrade to handle these incoming messages manually, they opted for a professional messaging solution for starters. Why?

No huge budget, but 100 percent compliance with data regulations

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to test messaging apps such as WhatsApp or the Messenger on Facebook for their client communication, answering the messages manually or through the free WhatsApp Business App might seem like a good choice at first. But soon enough, requests will start piling up, or you will want to offer other messaging channels to your customers, such as Apple Messages for Business, RCS or Telegram.

That’s when you usually realize that you need a more professional solution. In the case of Trucktrade, dealing with incoming requests from different regions and for different employees makes it even harder to keep track of the messages or make sure all the important information ends up from the employees’ phone in the CRM system.

For the Munich-based radio station Radio Arabella who started out with the WhatsApp Business App it also became apparent pretty fast that trying to handle all customer queries on one smartphone that had to be passed around the team, was simply not practical.

Radio Arabella, WhatsApp,

In addition, the WhatsApp Business App, or even worse, using your personal cell phone and number, does not guarantee data protection. This is a problem for companies of all sizes. Professional software, on the other hand, offers 100 percent data protection for all messaging apps. And it doesn’t even require a large budget to get started.

Professional messaging solutions already start at 49 Euros, and also give you many options.

Manage everything on one platform, no coding skills needed

For example, you can use a professional software to  manage all incoming messages from all messaging apps centrally on one platform. This makes it easy, especially for small businesses with limited resources, to offer customers multiple contact options and to process all requests. And if you pick a high-quality solution, you can get started right away, no coding skills needed!

You can even manage all chats with one employee. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, where the employees’ time is very valuable, this is a great advantage.

This was exactly why the outlet store TRACTA Mode Outlet decided to go with a professional solution. The shop is now able to handle all queries with just two employees, while the majority of the team can focus on the in-store customers. In the end, TRACTA is saving resources while being able to better attend their customers, in person and on the messaging apps, which is why the family-run business recommends a professional solution even for small stores.

TRACTA, small businesses, SMBs messaging, WhatsApp

Professional software also makes it possible to integrate automated solutions such as chatbots. This means that inquiries can be answered at any time, even outside of regular business hours. Another great way to reduce the workload for your employees!

Easy to scale

Businesses that start using messaging apps for customer communication quickly find that customers love them. This was also the case with AlphaPet Ventures, an e-commerce retailer for premium pet food. AlphaPet Ventures initially wanted to test WhatsApp as a channel for customer communication for only one brand. However, it became very clear very fast that the customer response was so positive that AlphaPet Ventures rapidly expanded the service, and now offers it for four brands.

Because AlphaPet Ventures was already using a professional messaging solution, it was very easy to scale the number of agents or monthly users as needed.

That’s exactly what makes a professional messaging solution so attractive for small businesses, or companies that want to test the channel first. You start right away with a privacy-compliant solution that offers many options, doesn’t require a large budget, and is easy to scale.

Small businesses and messaging solutions: the MessengerPeople starter package

This is exactly where the Messenger Communication Platform S-package by MessengerPeople comes in. This starter package gives small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to use a professional messaging solution on a small scale and benefit from the following advantages:

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The professional solution for businesses of all sizes: The MessengerPeople Communication Platform

The „Messenger Communication Platform“ (MCP) by MessengerPeople offers messaging and chatbot solutions for all companies and needs. With the MCP, you can…

  • 👨‍⚖️ … use WhatsApp and other messaging apps via the official WhatsApp Business API for customer communication in a GDPR-compliant way.
  • 🗞️ … use the Messenger Information Assistant (MIA) to send messaging newsletters to your subscribers.
  • 🚀… Start without IT effort and in the shortest possible time, even from a work-from-home setup!
  • 💻… Edit and reply to all messages centrally, regardless what messenger app they are coming from.
  • ↔ … Assign requests as tickets to your co-workers manually or automatically through auto-routing.
  • 🤖 … Easily set up automation using our simple chatbot builder, which is free of charge.
  • ⬆️ … Boost your efficiency with templated replies through a chatblock builder.
  • 💰 … Use the number one communication channel effectively, at fair price, and without a set-up fee for maximum personal digital consulting!

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