Save the Student & MessengerPeople: Better CTRs and KPIs with Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing is on the rise. There are several reasons to use it for your business and benefit from its overwhelming performance in general. Messenger Marketing provides not only impressive CTRs and KPIs, but also the opportunity to speak directly and individually to your customers. No wait and no delay – you appear instantly on the phone of your clients, with your personal content.

Most important facts in brief:

  • Open and click rates are higher than on any other platforms!
  • Use as many features as you can to reach the highest possible efficiency – such as the chat function!
  • Set your personal aims, which you would like to achieve with Messenger Marketing!
Students have a hard time being when going to college or university. Beside the expensive costs for a flat, food and documents, there are no real incomes whatsoever. The education is not fully finished and the jobs available have a poor salary. Save the Student is the student money website. They offer UK students advice on anything from saving to making money as well as hunt down the latest student deals for their community.


Deals disappear as quickly as they appear and special offers are hard to find. Thus, the platform we are talking with today decided to do that job for the students. There were no doubts about the benefit of receiving these fast paced offers through your smartphone. You do always keep it in hand and have the chance to take a look whenever you want to.

Today we speak with the Chief Operating Officer, Jake Butler, who has been with Save the Student from the beginning. He is a keen money saver and his task is to make sure the site runs smoothly and that their followers are happy.

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1. Can you tell us about the idea which lead you to the decision to use WhatsApp for customer communication? And how did you get started?

Save the Student’s fans are predominantly young adults. We like to offer choice to our community about how the get our deals and WhatsApp was a no brainer. We looked for solutions to start building a list to test the performance and found MessengerPeople.


2. What were your initial goals for Messenger Marketing and how have your results developed so far?

Our main goal was to build a small but highly active list. We set a goal to try and achieve high click percentages and so far it’s going well.

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3. Your channel has very successfully gained subscribers – how do you promote your channel to make it known to your users and prospects, which strategies work better or worse in your experience?

We already have 300,000 fans on Facebook, 125,000 subscribers and over 2 million website visits a month. We’ve promoted the WhatsApp group on all of these channels. We’ve also run competitions from time to time (eg, join our WhatsApp group to win X) which seem to perform well.


4. How is your WhatsApp community developing and what target groups are you addressing? What kind of feedback have you received from the customers to your WhatsApp service (e.g. CTRs)?

We’re slowly growing all the time and our clicks and open rates are staying at a steady rate (even though we anticipated a slight decline). As mentioned, our target market is university students in the UK.

However, a lot of our deals can be used by anyone living in the UK so there’s the ability to invite those users to the community. In terms of open rates and clicks the feedback has been immense. We’re seeing better percentages than most other channels.


5. For what purpose do you use your WhatsApp channel (do you prepare special content for distribution or do you offer customer services via chat, etc.)?

We mainly use it to broadcast our daily deals or alert our community to offers that will run out soon. WhatsApp is much more instant than other channels so it works well for this.

We also love the chat feature as it means users can ask us specific questions and we can reply instantly.

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6. What are the biggest differences between Messenger services and other social media channels, e-mail or apps in your opinion? What are the benefits of WhatsApp & Co in your opinion?

Like I said above, the main benefit is that it’s instant. We can send something out and it’ll notify the user straight away. Other channels tend to only be accessed when a person checks it. I also really like the personal aspect of a WhatsApp message.


7. What can MessengerPeople do for you in the future to make your results even more successful?

We’ve found that as our community grows there’s much more interaction. It allowed us to have a 1 on 1 conversation with some of our fans. This grows the connection between our fans and Save the Student.

We got to thank you, Jake Butler, for your interesting insights and experiences with MessengerPeople so far!

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