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Customer Service Platform

Your Solution for Successful Customer Service via Messaging Apps

MessengerPeople’s new Customer Service Platform offers a simple, central management tool for customer service inquiries via messaging apps. Whether your customers are using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, or Telegram – with the Customer Service Platform, you can answer them directly and professionally, with full data-privacy-compliance.

from   499€  monthly

Price Information:

Basic Fee 499€ monthly (Including: 10,000 chat answers, 5 agents & 1 channel)
Additional chat answers 20€/1,000 answers
Additional agents 49€/agent monthly
Additional channels 99€/channel monthly

Overview of available features

Basic Fee 499€ monthly (Including: 10,000 chat answers, 5 agents & 1 channel)
Additional chat answers 20€/1,000 answers
1:1 Chat Chat with your customers on one central platform, whether they’re writing from WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook or Telegram.
Ticket Assignment Coordinate tickets flexibly within your customer service team and assign tickets to the right employee using Drag & Drop
User Properties Note down important user information that can help resolve their inquiry. Properties can be documented manually or automatically with a Chatbot. Your users can see and edit their set properties at any time by typing “profile” into the chat.
Role- & Access Management Multiple agents can work together as a team with various roles and access rights.
Chatblocks Respond to oft-repeated questions automatically by creating a text or file as a pre-set Chatblock.
Chatbot Builder Our Chatbot Builder is a versatile tool for creating Chatbots that can answer customers automatically and support your service team.
Statistics Track your ticket processing with our internal statistics.
API Our API allows you to integrate our tool within your current CRM system. You can find the API documentation at
Channel Companies with multiple brands, languages, or interest groups can set up a variety of channels. Main administrators will be responsible for each channel. If you are interested in having a multi-channel account, feel free to contact us.
Premium Service Our support is happy to help over e-mail or phone. Telephone service is available Monday-Friday 9 am – 4 pm, e-mail service is available Monday- Friday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, German time.
Data Processing Contract Data Processing Contracts regulate how MessengerPeople handles customer data. We are happy to create a Data Processing Contract for your company.

Marketing Automation Platform

Your Solution for Successful Messenger Marketing

The MessengerPeople Marketing Automation Platform is designed for successful marketing over messaging apps. The platform allows you to distribute newsletter, communicate with your customer over Chat, and create raffles and Chatbots.
Choose the right package for you! Our three packages are: Basic, Business und Enterprise.


Popular with clubs, non-profits and small companies.

Pricing Basic
  • 300 Subscribers Included
  • Unlimited Newsletters
  • 1:1 Chat
  • Chatbot Builder Basic
  • Support Basic
  • 1 Channel

69€ monthly


Popular with medium and large companies.

Pricing Business
  • 3.000 Subscribers Included
  • Unlimited Newsletters
  • Chat Center
  • Chatbot Builder Pro
  • Support Business
  • 1 Channel
  • 3 Categories
  • Targeting
  • API

399€ monthly


Popular with large companies or multiple channels.

Pricing Enterprise
  • 10.000 Subscribers Included
  • Unlimited Newsletters
  • Chat Center
  • Chatbot Builder Pro
  • Support Enterprise
  • 5 Channels
  • 7 Categories
  • Targeting
  • API

899€ monthly


Basic Business Enterprise
Send NewslettersWhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Insta and Telegram are included in all packages. MessengerPeople provides an interface through which newsletters can be sent centrally (via any desired Messenger supported by MessengerPeople) via desktop or mobile. unlimited unlimited unlimited
Newsletter CategoriesCategories are used to address certain topics separately within a channel. Newsletter can be played according to the theme. For example: In addition to the general news, a daily newspaper can also offers sub categories like “Sport” and “Economy”… 3 7
TargetingTargeting allows you to send newsletters to specific target groups based on previously CRM collected data.
Click TrackingClick tracking collects all clicks on a link, which has been shortened with the MessengerPeople URL shortener and sent in Messenger.
PollsWith the newsletter function “Polls” it allows you to create surveys, let these surveys be automatically evaluated and the results can be sent as a newsletter to your subscribers.

Chat Center

Basic Business Enterprise
1:1 ChatIn a 1: 1 chat, you are in direct contact with your customers. A 1: 1 chat can be offered in a messenger. You can manage all sent and received chat messages are directly via the MessengerPeople customer interface. Please find the prices for the chat answers in the pay-per-use section. unlimited unlimited unlimited
User AttributesUsers can be assigned features that support chat center support. Certain user features are automatically stored by the system. Other options for assigning characteristics are manual input or automated survey using chatbots. Users can view and change the characteristics they see at any time. To do this, they send the message “profile” within the chat.
Team SupportThe chat center enables the collaborative processing of chat requests in the team. Labels, notes, and assigning chats to other editors enable team support. For the prices for additional agents, please see the following overview of the “Pay-per-use”.
Chat Center AutomationChat Center Automation makes it easy to edit chat requests. With automated answering system, answers can be given even faster to inquiries right in the chat. The Absence Assistant responses can be set to respond outside your regular opening hours.


Basic Business Enterprise
Chatbot BuilderThe Chatbot Builder is a versatile tool for building chatbots for all MessengerPeople-supported messengers. The bots created with it answer inputs automatically. The builder gives you a wide range of usage scenarios. Basic Pro Pro
AnalyticsAn analysis tool is available that shows how queries are made to your bot, what input your users made most frequently, and whether your bot could answer them.
Data modelThe Chatbot Builder supports data models. These can be used to build complex dialogues and inquiries.
Search BotWith the Search-Bot, users can perform an individual search directly in Messenger. The search pool, which the bot can access, can either be created using RSS feeds (up to 10) or a Google search on your website.


Basic Business Enterprise
CRM Database based user management. Enables user identification.
URL ShortenerIf you activate our Link Shortener, the links will automatically be shortened. Compact links look better in the individual messages. In addition, this feature allows a click measurement on each link.
BenchmarkingThe available benchmarks show you their performance compared to other customers in your industry.
APIOur API also allows you to use our tool via your existing CRM system. No need to go through our user interface. For the appropriate API documentation, see
ChannelIn the Enterprise package several self-sufficient channels can be created for your company. Particularly suitable for companies that offer several brands, different interests or content in several languages. For each channel you get a separate widget, which can be customized. The respective channels can be managed by different administrators, whereby a superordinate main administrator can also be defined. 1 1 5


Basic Business Enterprise
Support Self-Service Email Email, Phone
Response timePlease note our contact times. By phone from Monday to Friday: 9 am – 4 pm, by email Monday to Friday: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (German time). 24 h 4 h
AVVAn AVV regulates between MessengerPeople and the customer, how exactly MessengerPeople handles customer data. The AVV is based on legal templates, which were adapted by MessengerPeople to reflect the usage situation. MessengerPeople provides you with an AVV based on legal templates. Standard Standard Standard


Basic Business Enterprise
Subscribers Included 300 3,000 10,000
Additional SubscribersAll packages have a certain number of recipients. Additional receivers are billed at the stated prices. Please refer to the price table for prices valid for your package. The billing is done in the basic package per 100 additional recipients, in the Business and Enterprise package per 1,000 additional recipients.  € 12 for each 100  € 80 for each 1,000  € 40 for each 1,000
Chat answers Chat responses are all responses which were sent via the chat function. € 2 for each 100 € 8 for each 1,000 € 2 for each 1,000
Agents Included 1 5 20
Additional AgentsIn all packages, a certain number of agents are included. Each additional agent is billed at the stated prices. Please refer to the price table for the applicable price for your package. € 29 per month € 19 per month € 9 per month
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