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Ideal plan for Startups
that want to test an
innovative way of communicating.

  • 1,000 conversations incl.
  • 5 users incl.
  • Full cost control
  • No additional WhatsApp fees
  • All channels included
  • Official WhatsApp Business Partner (BSP)
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Free support during business hours
  • No setup costs

starting at
₹ 6,399

Customized Plan

Solution fitting your company’s specific needs.
Flexible on all the features to
match your organizational setup.

  • Conversation based pricing
  • Individual user plan
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • All channels included
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Official WhatsApp Business Partner (BSP)
  • Full cost control
  • No setup costs

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Role & Access Management




SLA uptime of 99.00%


MessengerPeople DPA/T&C

Contract term / period of notice

3 months


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Talk to Sandeep Bedi or another member of our Indian MessengerPeople team directly on WhatsApp

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As soon as a Business contacts a customer, a 24-hour window opens where they can send as many messages as they want. After the 24 hours are over, another Conversation will open and will get charged. Each package includes a certain number of Xonversations per month for free. The Conversations refer to all Messenger channels.

You don´t pay anything as long as you do not text the user. That means that you are also protected from SPAM and don’t need to pay anything.

Yes, MessengerPeople is very easy to use. To get an idea, just check out reviews of our current customers.

Our software is ready to use out of the box. The set up is fast and onboarding usually takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Yes, newsletters are included in all the packages. We have a specialised tool that will help you build your newsletter.

No, all costs are included in your package. MessengerPeople does not charge extra for WhatsApp.

You can upgrade to a larger package at any time. Otherwise you will be charged for the extra session based on your package. Don´t hesitate to ask our support!

You can upgrade to a larger package at any time. Otherwise you will be charged for the extra agents based on your package. Don´t hesitate to ask our support!

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Viber, Notify, Webchat

No, our software has a very well-developed, full-featured chatbot builder included and it’s free!

Yes, MessengerPeople is an official partner of Meta, WhatsApp and Apple

To access the official WhatsApp Business Platform, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) will first ask you to verify your business. It is a process where you provide required company´s information. We are here to assist you at any point of the verification process.

If you decide to book one of our packages, you can use one of the following payment methods: Credit Card, Boleto

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