Overview: everything you need to know about Notify!

The new app Notify is conquering the apps charts! In Germany, where Notify was designed, Notify is currently in Place 2 in the news section. Notify is a free app that helps users get news from a variety of different sources. The app is fully secure, uses very littel data, and is intuitive and organized. Over 500 businesses- from media companies to online stores – have already started using the app.

In this article you’ll learn: 

  1. What is Notify?
  2. Who is using Notify?
  3. What advantages does Notify have for users and companies?
  4. How does Notify work for companies?
  5. How can businesses get more subscribers for Notify?

1. What is Notify?

Choose one of the many business channels that is interesting for you and subscribe!

The free Notify App sends you a notification about new information available such as news, special offers or tips from the companies you follow. Then you can decide whether you want to read the news directly in Notify or via WhatsApp.

The app has 3 areas:

1. Discovery: here you can find all companies with news channels. The section is divided into “Trend” (the companies with the fastest-growing number of followers) and the various “Topics” (bargains, local, entertainment, sports, food and so on).

2. Chat: here you can see incoming and outgoing messages from channels you have subscribed to. The channel that last published a message is always at the top of the list.

3. In Settings you can find information (and configure your preferences) for data protection, language, and the type of subscriptions. und Einstellungen zu Datenschutz, Sprache und der Art deiner Abonnements

You can find more information on our Notify information page.

2. Who uses Notify?

  • Since the launch of the app in August 2019, it has been downloaded over 300,000 times and opened daily by up to 60,000 users.
  • Over 500 companies use the free Notify Service from MessengerPeople as an alternative to WhatsApp newsletters. These businesses include the Washington Post, Bloomberg Quint, Financial Times, Business Insider India, Social Chain, Holiday Pirates the soccer team FC Bayern, KIA, Eurowings, Aldi, Eurosport, and more.

Notify News App

App store ranking on October 18th, 2019 — in it’s home country, Germany is in place 2 among media outlets, and growing worldwide!

3. What advantages does Notify offer for users and companies?

  • Send messages directly to your users’ smartphone! Notify is your messenger news alternative. Why? Because with Notify, you can actively send messages to your customers even afer December 7! Depending on which version you have set up your company channel for, your customers can read the content in Notify or send you an automated request to receive the full content via WhatsApp.
  • Free for both companies and users!
  • Discover area: companies profit from the app’s increasing popularity and have a chance to reach new users
  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Users don’t need to register, add their e-mail address, or their phone number
  • GDPR-compliant!
  • Takes only 12MB of space on your phone
  • No advertising!

4. How does Notify work for companies?

With the Notify App you inform your customers about new content, regardless of whether you choose the “Notify only” option (channel is marked blue in the Notify App) or the “Notify-WhatsApp” option (channel is marked black in the Notify App) with your company channel.

If you have new content for your customers, you can add it to the Messenger Communication Platform dashboard. Your users will be alerted that you’ve created new content by a notification that they receive via Notify.

A) “Notify-WhatsApp” Version

Once you have decided on this version, you can add a teaser message (which should be short, informative, and thought-provoking) to the Messenger Communication Platform interface. Your customers receive this as a Notify Push message, click on it and your company channel opens directly in WhatsApp. Customers will then retrieve your new content by entering your pull command (e.g. #top or #news) in WhatsApp and sending this command as a message to you via WhatsApp.

The following example shows what this looks like for users!

Another example in screenshot form:

Your user receives a Notify push notification on the lock screen, clicks on it and is taken to WhatsApp, where the request command is already typed in, hits send, and receives the content!

B) “Notify only” Version

Your customers click on the Notify Push message and your content opens directly in the Notify App. The customers receive your content immediately, without sending a pull command.

5. How can businesses get more subscribers for Notify?

MessengerPeople customers use Notify at no additional cost.

A) Promoting Notify in your messaging app newsletter

A great way to promote Notify is to mention it in your messaging app newsletter! By letting your subscribers know that they can use Notify to stay up to date with all of your news and info, you’re preparing them for the changes in newsletter distribution that are coming up. Notify was able to rise to the top of the messaging app charts by our customers promoting it to all their users, who then downloaded the app!

B) Promoting Notify with a langing page with a widget

We provide you with a so-called widget that your subscribers can use to register. All you have to do is add it to your website- it’s very easy and requires almost no IT knowledge! Your users use the widget to safely subscribe to your service, and you can add your data protection statement for extra security. You can find our widget at the bottom of all of our blog posts!

C) Use all your other touchpoints!

Other options for you to promote Notify are advertising the app on social media with posts or ads, creating a pop-up on your website or a banner in email signatures with a link to download. Radio stations could, for example, also use a short message in the on-air program to point out the changes.


Tip: if you want to learn about other alternatives for messaging app newsletter, check out this article!

If you any great ideas about professional usage of WhatsApp or other messaging apps, then get in touch with us (preferably via WhatsApp)!

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