Modern Customer Service Ticket System – New From MessengerPeople

With the Messenger Communication Platform MessengerPeople offers the first professional, GDPR-compliant ticket system for customer service via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Messenger Communication Platform.

In this article you‘ll learn:   

  1. Why is a specific software for customer service via messaging apps necessary?
  2. The Messenger Communication Platform – an overview
  3. What do our customers say?

Just three years ago we started as a start-up for data protection-compliant and professional software for messenger marketing, and now we have over 1,600 customers worldwide! We are in close contact with our customers and develop our software with their feedback. The desire for a professional tool for customer service, to essentially enable direct, fast communication via messaging apps, was mentioned again and again.

  • We carefully studied the development of the messaging app market.
  • We spoke to our customers about the main challenges in customer service.
  • And: we’ve passionately worked at developing a tailor-made software for customer service and customer communication via WhatsApp and Co.

The Messenger Communication Platform was designed for businesses, institutions, and organizations that want to offer their customers and users personal, quick, and flexible communication via messaging apps.

With this software, we offer a solution, that now supports the customer service of the future. Franz Buchenberger, CEO MessengerPeople

1. Why is a specific software for customer service via messaging apps necessary?

1.1. People want customer service via WhatsApp & Co.

As the The Messenger Communication Platform   showed, customers prefer messaging app customer service to live chat and social media. With WhatsApp’s overwhelming global popularity, it’s clear that the channel offers huge potential. If you want the very latest information about how business decision-makers see customer service, you can download the MessengerPeople Study 2019.

1.2. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat & Co. are moving towards Customer Service

At the beginning of 2018, David Marcus, then Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook Messenger, made a clear statement: “It’s no longer a question of “if”, but “when” in terms of Messenger Marketing.” WhatsApp has long since taken this path with the WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API. As far as Facebook Messenger is concerned, Stan Chudnovsky, the Head of Product at FB Messenger, described the importance of Messenger for companies at dmexco 2018 as follows:

Would you rather wait 10 minutes on hold or wait 10 minutes for an answer on Facebook Messenger?

Finally, Apple’s Apple Business Chat has paved the way for companies to also offer iOS users customer service via Messenger. And if we take a look at Asia, especially at WeChat, you can also clearly see how potential there is in terms of customer service via messaging apps.

1.3. Why do companies need customer service via messaging apps?

  • Speed: Businesses need to ensure the fast response times customers expect. To achieve this, forms of dialogue automation are needed, especially with regard to recurring issues. For example, prefabricated chat modules or chat bots via messengers provide an efficient and fast remedy.
  • Efficiency: If the chats can be supervised and assigned by multiple editors and everything can be implemented in a data protection-compliant manner, the company is more efficient and saves on costs.
  • Data Protection: Since May 2018, the word GDPR has had a huge importance. Our software is completely GDPR-compliant, and we even held an in-depth interview with laywer Carsten Ulbricht talking about the security of customer service via messaging apps. Read more here: Data Protection for WhatsApp Customer Service – Exclusive Interview
  • Other important aspects are Online & Offline, Feedback Possibilities, and Multi Media. We sum up 7 tips for perfect customer service here.

2. Messenger Communication Platform – an overview

The Messenger Communication Platform supports the most popular messaging apps in one centralized,GDPR-compliant platform. At the moment, it supports: WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber und Apple Business Chat.

2.1.Messenger Communication Platform Features

  • The Messenger Communication Platform is browser-based and can be used on mobile
  • The Dashboard in the Messenger Communication Platform is clearly structured and user-friendly
  • Customer Service Employees (Agents) see the status of all their incoming inquiries (tickets) at one glance
  • Tickets can be distributed among employees using drag & drop or automatically with auto-routing
  • The agent overview (accessible to supervisors and administrators) shows agent status, as well as how many active and resolved tickets each agent has
  • The Messenger Communication Platform offers collapsible panels with extra information (1:1 Chats, user characteristics, ticket information, pre-set answers, ticket history)
  • By using pre-set answers (Chatblocks) for FAQS, employees can work much more efficiently
  • The Chatbot Builder allows you to build customer service chatbots without any programming background
  • Multimediale content such as pictures, audio files, videos, and more can raise the quality of your customer service.

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2.2. The Advantages of the Messenger Communication Platform

Some decisive advantages of the Messenger Communication Platform in comparison to other software solutions are:

  • 60% faster problem resolution
  • 80% better reviews and ratings
  • 75% lower costs in comparison to other customer service offerings
  • Customers are 53% more likely to buy your products

3. What do our customers say?

Here is a selection of quotations from our customers, who use the Messenger Communication Platform in their customer service.

The number of callback requests has decreased massively. Phone calls about status requests are at almost zero. Calls only come in for more complex issues, such as billing. Albert Rösch, Head of Customer Service, BMW München

Tip: Download the free Case Study: BMW Munich: 60 percent fewer calls with WhatsApp service!

Due to the company’s rapid growth, it was necessary to establish one central channel for quick processing of customer inquiries. MessengerPeople’s platform is a perfect tool for this and allowed us to dramatically simplify our processes. David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder, Women’s Best

Tip: Download the free Case Study: How Women’s Best uses WhatsApp to offer customers 2 times faster customer service .

We see a rise in customer service efficiency and productivity thanks to the asynchronous communication possibilities. Lukas Ratschke, Transgourmet

Tip: Download the free B2B Case Study: How Transgourmet Increased Productivity with Customer Service via WhatsApp.

For us, the advantage of WhatsApp and Co. is how easy it is for our customers to get in contact with us, and the possibility to have a direct, personal chat with our customers. Kirstin Marci, Marketing department, INTERSPORT Hübner

Tip: Download the free Case Study: Using WhatsApp successfully in retail: INTERSPORT Hübner shows you how!

If we were able to pique your interest in the Messenger Communication Platform and you’d like to see how your business could profit from offering messaging app customer service, get in contact with us or sign up for one of our free webinars.

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