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Bam! As of today, it‘s official: our new customer service platform is live! Here we’ve gathered the most important details about the new tool for you. We’re offering a first look not only with screenshots, but also with a video introduction of the new interface.

  1. People Want Messenger Service
  2. Our New Customer Service Platform Gives the People What They Want
  3. Ticket System, Unified Messenger, Chatbots, and More
  4. Try Out the New Customer Service Platform


1. People Want Messenger Customer Service

The rise of professional messenger customer service has been one of the biggest trends in digital communication in 2018. Messaging apps have positioned themselves as the most important communication channel worldwide. In the Top 10 Apps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger take the lead globally — for Android, they rank 1st and 2nd and for iPhone, 2nd and 3rd. Businesses across all industries and in all countries have noticed the important role of messaging apps and have started using them to communicate with customers.

This focus on messaging apps is going in one clear direction: customer service. American research institution Gartner has predicted that already in 2019, more customer service inquiries will be sent over messaging apps than over social media. Moreover, in 2020, they suggest that 70% of all B2C customer support will be mobile. The advantages of messenger customer service are practically endless: cost-efficient, convenient (no waiting on hold!), private, and easily automated. This analysis is echoed across countless media channels. The Washington Post reports that “when given the option, 70% of people chose a ‘message us’ button over a ‘call us’ button.”

2. Our New Customer Service Platform Gives the People What They Want

It’s clear: today’s consumers want customer service over messaging apps. This is the channel they use 24/7, and companies need to start using it too. Enter our new customer service platform! We’ve learned from our 1,600+ customers worldwide and have added new features and optimized functionalities to offer businesses the most intuitive, most effective way to offer customers service over messaging apps.

Whether Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, or Telegram, your users can now send you a quick message when they have a question. The message will pop up on the MessengerPeople user interface, be assigned to the correct user, and can be answered within minutes. Whenever the customer has time to continue the conversation, the data and history will still be there.

customer service platform

Customers won’t have to repeat their order number calling customer service for the 3rd time, or search through various websites looking for the right email address. It’s simple for your customers and intuitive for businesses. Best of all: there are absolutely no data protection issues. Our platform is 100% GDPR-compliant, offering your users an excellent service while keeping their data secure.

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3. Ticket System, Unified Messenger, Chatbots, and More

What makes our Customer Service Platform such a valuable asset for connecting with customers in the most modern and intuitive way? Let’s take a look at the most important features:

  • Modern Ticket System

Our modern ticket system ensures that your team works in an organized and flexible way. Incoming chats can be assigned to the most suitable agent. In the agent view, your employees can move through their various chats, answering directly and even pulling up user history and information from a collapsible panel on the side. Color codes show the agent when the ticket is overdue and requires urgent attention. Management can see which agents already have a lot of tickets to handle, and can reassign as necessary.

  • Unified Messenger

Whether a user messages from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, from an iPhone or a Samsung, the messages will pop up on one platform, simplifying your service without compromising on any features. Our features work for all operating systems, so you can reach each and every one of your customers directly.

  • Chatbots

80% of all customer service inquiries are commonly repeated and can easily be automated and answered by a chatbot. With automated answers and a Chatbot builder, you can automate your customer service to become even more efficient. Chatbots can answer during off-times where no employees are available. They can also take care of first-level support, qualifying requests and sending the more complicated ones to other agents. Chatbots provide great value for both customers and businesses: customers can get immediate, reliable answers, and businesses can save time and resources.

Naturally, the Customer Service Platform offers many more features. There are user profiles where users can set preferences and notes about their case and which can be stored for even better service next time. There’s a legally sound and secure Double Opt-In Widget system, which allows your users to subscribe and unsubscribe safely and easily. And like all messenger communication, multimedia is supported, so you can handle trickier questions with the help of photos, videos, or even PDF files.


4. Try Out the New Customer Service Platform

With all this information about our brand new customer service platform, you’re probably curious about how it works in action.

The product page offers even more detailed information about the Customer Service Platform and the new features.

Our product introduction video takes you on a quick tour of the tool, ending with a sample conversation of how it can work in real life:


And our 14-day free trial allows you to test out the tool for yourself:

Get started with our new Customer Service Platform.
Try your 14-day free MessengerPeople trial now.

Your customers’ smartphones are their constant companion – why not let that channel also lead them to you.

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