Mobile Industry Eye: Messaging 2020

Mobile Industry Eye –  January 2th, 2020 | Messaging apps have become one of the most effective channels for customer communication. Mobile Industry Eye interviewed six experts who explain the role messaging apps will play in customer service and customer loyalty this year.

Is mobile messaging having a moment?

The experts all agree: Messaging apps provide an excellent opportunity for companies to focus on the customer and on personalized service. More and more features are being implemented in messaging apps so that companies have a very direct contact to their customers and can interact with them in all phases of the customer journey.

It has actually never been more effective for companies to get in dialogue with their customers, thanks to the huge popularity and spread of messaging apps. Gartner expects the incoming number of customer inquiries via messaging apps to double every year. Imagine five years from now, no company will be able to succeed without offering this convenient communication channel!, Matthias Mehner, CMO at MessengerPeople.

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