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How to sign up:

  1. Accept the data protection statement
  2. Click on the “chat button”
  3. WhatsApp will open automatically
  4. Send the pre-set message
  5. All done

Good to know:


You can write us at any time with questions or feedback – we’ll connect you with one of your customer service employees directly in the WhatsApp channel!


Our Info Service is completely free!

Easy to unsusbcribe

We hope you enjoy using our helpful service, but you can stop any time you want! Just send us the message “stop”

Data protection

Your data will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to contact you for this news service. Other users will not be able to see your data. Upon request, we will provide you with data information and delete your data (see the data protection statement)

How to request content:

Newsletters can no longer be sent over WhatsApp. We aren’t able to send you information with push notifications, but now you have the ability to request content whenever you want it!
Once you’ve signed up, then we are one of your WhatsApp contacts. You can send us a command – a sort of code word that requests content – whenever you want to receive information.
👉 Last but not least: we definitely aren’t going to spam you! You receive information only when you request it. So don’t forget to send us #news to stay up to date!

These are the most popular commands:

  • #news – request the latest content & information
  • #menu – this shows you the menu of all available commands
  • #case – use this command to get information about our customer’s messenger services
  • #branches – request information about different industries
  • #webinar – here we’ll send you news about our webinars
  • #knowledge – use this command to request our whitepapers, studies, ebooks, & more

You want to know when there's new information available via WhatsApp?

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You can download the Notify App which can act as a reminder. The app will send you a notification on your smartphone when we have new content available for you.

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