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MessengerPeople Study 2018

Exclusive Data and Statistics about Messenger Communication for Businesses

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For the latest marketing and customer service statistics, don’t miss the exclusive MessengerPeople study. The data is based on a comprehensive analysis of our experiences with over 10 million messenger service users, over 1,600 businesses using our platform, and over 772 active Chatbots.

Discover how both consumers and businesses use WhatsApp & Co., what users expect from professional messenger services, and how to get the most out of content marketing and customer care via messaging apps.

WhatsApp: Setting Records

Exclusive insights and advice, gathered from our internal data.

10 Facts About Messaging Apps for Businesses

The latest data and analysis about professional messenger communication.

Exclusive Messenger Marketing Tips

The best time to send newsletters, which multimedia users currently want, and much more…

7 Hacks for Messenger Customer Service

Customer service statistics: all the info you need to raise your customer satisfaction via messaging.

Download the Study and revolutionize your customer comunication!

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