Messenger Marketing FTW: Why Email, Social Media And Co. Are No Competition

Is Messenger Marketing on the rise? You bet! At the moment, one of Facebook’s priorities is to improve and strengthen its messaging apps. Concurrently, 85% of companies surveyed believe that mobile messaging apps will become a major vehicle for marketing campaigns in 2018.

They may be onto something, especially when you consider our growing number of positive references from different industries.

Now more than ever before, it makes sense to consider how Messenger Marketing can strengthen your company’s existing marketing activities and take your business’ marketing outreach to the next level.

Tip: On August 1st 2018, WhatsApp rolled out its WhatsApp Business API. MessengerPeople is delighted with this announcement and the presence of a business-specific version of WhatsApp’s service. With the introduction of a WhatsApp Business API, the company also allows bigger companies the opportunity to contact their customers directly over the app. WhatsApp still doesn’t support advertising, but it is creating more possibilities in the world of messenger customer service.

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1) User Growth Compared: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp

The user base of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continues to grow. This base is already greater than that of more traditional social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

If you look at the official global monthly active user numbers of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger since 2014, you will see the extent of this growth for both messaging apps.

statistic-messenger usage

Further usage data can be found at Statista, at Business of Apps and at Similar Web


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2) The Top Four Key Performance Indicators (KPI) For Successful Messenger Marketing

How about some hard data to back up our belief in the power of messaging apps? After all, an investment in Messenger Marketing needs to be substantiated with data. The following is data from 4 important measures of success: distribution, opening and click-through rates, performance compared to apps and performance compared to email.


Messenger vs. Social Media

Messenger has an inherent 100% distribution rate. That means that a WhatsApp message reaches all recipients of a broadcast list. Additionally, a WhatsApp message reaches recipients by appearing as a notification on a smartphone’s lock-screen, something that does not happen with other app updates.

As a result, this WhatsApp feature makes it hard for other social media apps like Twitter and Facebook to compete. One difference is that these apps have algorithms that influence whether news or updates will ever reach users. In fact, Facebook has over 200 different factors.

Messenger vs. Email

The following quote from an interview with Daniel Palm, Senior CRM Manager at HolidayPirates, highlights the relatively high click-through rates on messaging apps:

Our ability to reach users is rooted in the content that we send. We receive click-through rates of 50-60% for last minute trips to Mallorca during the summer without any problems. Furthermore, our error fares, including errant prices from agencies and airlines, generate a very positive reaction. Daniel Palm, CRM Manager HolidayPirates

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It is sometimes hard to believe that some deals we have sent through Messenger have been clicked on and opened by up to 90% of recipients. Overall, we are really pleased with how well Messenger has served our needs, especially because other platforms are facing shrinking user bases. – Daniel Palm, CRM Manager HolidayPirates

These higher opening and click-through rates are partly the result of having a clear and consistent content strategy, but the impact of Messenger cannot be discounted. Through surveys, we now know that today’s customers increasingly want to be able to contact companies through Messenger instead of email or by phone, with fewer and fewer people choosing the latter options.

This is also a result of not only Messenger’s realtime aspect but also its ability to provide one-on-one communication in a chat window, something that is less personal via email and too time-consuming over the telephone. After all, who wants to be put on hold with a call center hotline?

Messenger vs. Apps

For a while now, we have known that there has been a decrease in the download of apps. Tech magazine published an article in mid-2016 called “The App Boom Is Over.” In February 2017, the online marketing magazine wrote that “the age of apps is over.”

Compared to other apps for mobile devices, messaging apps have a higher retention rate. This means that the rate which users return to use these apps is significantly higher and more frequent, owing perhaps to the natural human need for regular communication.

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3) Need Some Success Stories with Messenger Marketing? We Have Plenty!

whatsapp-audio and video files

A few paragons of success should showcase the areas where Messenger Marketing already excels. Plenty of organizations including both small and large businesses, cities and communities, clubs and organizations are using Messenger Marketing to achieve their respective corporate or communication goals.

Content Distribution via Messenger – For those who want their content to reach its intended target group

Stuttgart: Citizen Alerts During Fine-Dust Alarms

The city of Stuttgart has launched a service through WhatsApp that immediately notifies its citizens when there is an alarming and unhealthy level of fine dust particles in the air. Currently, the service has over 13,000 subscribers. This number is projected to increase.

HolidayPirates: Holiday Offers via Messenger

This renowned international travel community with over 9 million digital followers uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to disseminate their holiday deals. On WhatsApp alone, they have already eclipsed the 750,000 followers mark. This number is also projected to increase. With click-through rates of 50-60% and opening rates of up to 90%, it is easy to see why using Messenger has been a successful strategy for Urlaubspiraten.

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SPORT1: Speed and Premier Sports Content as the Keys to Success

The TV channel SPORT1 uses WhatsApp to supply its sports enthusiasts with fast and direct up-to-the-minute information. As a result, SPORT1 generates over 20,000 clicks per day and upwards of 50 new subscriber registrations per day.

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Mindener Tageszeitung: 60-70% Click-through Rates Thanks to WhatsApp

The Mindener Tageszeitung wondered how its news could reach its readers’ mobile devices in the most expedient way. They ultimately opted for WhatsApp and the results show that the publication’s editors made the right call. With WhatsApp, they have recorded click-through rates reaching 70%. Furthermore, according to the results of a reader survey, 94% of respondents want to not only continue receiving their news in this manner, but also to get even more news straight from the editors to their smartphones.

Did you know? The Washington Post offered a messenger service for the German election in 2017

Social Shopping Community mydealz: eCommerce via WhatsApp

mydealz is one of the most successful social shopping communities. In 2015, mydealz began distributing its special offers via WhatsApp. This ultimately proved to be a masterstroke as these offers reach over 80,000 subscribers with this number slated to rise.

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