Messenger Marketing – Everything you need to know!

Messenger Marketing? Conversational Marketing? The use of many messaging apps – especially WhatsApp, has recently shifted from marketing to customer service. However, there are still exciting opportunities for WhatsApp and Co. to be used for classic messenger marketing. Whether it is lead generation via chatbot, product launch, newsletter & content marketing, participation campaigns, employer branding or brand awareness – we show you some of the most successful campaigns worldwide!

Messenger Marketing: Push- and Pull-Marketing

The world of messenger communication is basically divided into these two areas – but even those who get creative in the gap can still use messengers like WhatsApp effectively and successfully for marketing.

A) Push communication: Proactively send information to your users

  • Use: Content Marketing & CRM, News & Updates, Offers, Deals & Advertising
  • Recommended messaging apps: Notify AppTelegram MessengerApple Business Chat, WhatsApp (Notification)
  • The most important requirement of Messenger Newsletter communication:

It requires a previous and DSGVO-compliant Opt-in for the messaging newsletter, similar to the way we know it from the e-mail newsletter!

B) Pull communication: dialogue as a marketing instrument

  • Implementation: Position yourself as an expert and helper of your target group and offer added value on demand
  • Recommended messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat
  • Most important requirement of Pull Messenger Marketing communication:

It requires an external impulse (promotion of the action e.g. on posters, Instagram Ads or audio spots) so that the user contacts the company. Only then can the company start with dialogue marketing via messaging app!

Below we show you how to use these mechanisms successfully for your Messenger Marketing.

  1. Send important information via WhatsApp notification Update June 2021
  2. Content Marketing on-demand via WhatsApp
  3. Messenger newsletter on Telegram and Notify
  4. Engagement campaigns via WhatsApp
  5. Click to chat and click to WhatsApp campaigns
  6. Messenger marketing campaigns from practice
  7. Content strategy and user development as success factors!

1) Send important information via WhatsApp notification

Update June 2021: Special offers, personalized product recommendations, or relevant news can be sent as a kind of a WhatsApp newsletter again from June 2021!

Under the somewhat unwieldy term “Non-transactional Notifications / Business-Initiated messages“, companies can proactively send information to their customers again since 06/2021. However, there are some requirements to be observed and it is not completely free of charge! Companies have to get templated for such kinds of messages approved by WhatsApp.

More info: WhatsApp Business API: What are notifications?

2) Content Marketing on demand via WhatsApp

So, with WhatsApp, you can only push to a very limited extent – but of course, you can answer all the questions of your target group. Advertising and content marketing are also possible here. With the help of MIA, our “Messenger Information Assistant”, users can retrieve information via WhatsApp.  Certainly, you would also have to promote this action externally so that your target group knows what kind of WhatsApp message to write to which number!

💡 Bloomberg Quint, a joint venture from Bloomberg News and Quintillion Media, created in 2016, offers C-level executives and other decision-makers the latest financial information in real-time. The users can request stock market information using the company name as a keyword and pull up the information they are specifically looking for at the exact time they need it.



People interested in the latest news can retrieve it via command #BQ on WhatsApp

3) Messenger Newsletter on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat

Despite the end of WhatsApp Newsletter, push communication continues to be a high priority for companies. There are three messenger newsletter alternatives that are relevant for business & current affairs. These are the Telegram Messenger, the Facebook Messenger, and the Apple Business Chat.

Advantage: Offers, deals and news reach the subscribers quickly, directly and without any algorithms.

4) Engagement campaigns via WhatsApp

In the past, we used to build websites and landing pages to engage with users so that users could upload their content for raffles, for example? Today, this kind of engagement can easily be achieved with WhatsApp! Here are three inspiring best cases:

💡 How Adidas used WhatsApp to promote a new football boot 

Adidas is helping amateur football teams in London to solve the problem of unreliable or temporarily ill playmates with its current ‘Rent-a-Pred’ campaign: How? If a player cancels his participation for a match, the understaffed football team simply writes a WhatsApp message to the “Rent-a-Pred” Adidas WhatsApp hotline, answers a few basic questions about the location and the time of the match and then learns on the morning of the matchday whether they will receive “100% unfair support” from a substitute player – of course fully equipped with  Adidas sponsored Predator20 Mutator equipment. As Adidas substitutes, some of the best football players in the city were recruited to support the understaffed team in the game in a “100% unfair way”. The world star Kaká was also part of the replacement team!


adidas rent a pred whatsapp

Adidas rent a pred WhatsApp Campaign

Learn more about the WhatsApp campaign: How Adidas uses WhatsApp to position a football boot

💡 How Unilever launches a new detergent via WhatsApp

To launch Unilever’s new fabric softener brand “Comfort” in Brazil, the company was looking for a new and unique messenger marketing approach. With the help of WhatsApp’s “I’ll bring you back to your beloved clothes” campaign, sales increased 14-fold!

In August 2019, the brand put up more than 10,000 posters around Sao Paulo with teaser messages and the WhatsApp number. As soon as interested consumers contacted the number, a chatbot called “MadameBot” gave advice on how to care for the clothes and introduced the new products using multimedia content such as audio messages and memes. At the end of the chat, customers received a 50% discount on the new products and free shipping.

💡 How the ADAC reaches a new target group via WhatsApp

The ADAC – Europe’s largest automobile club – wanted to establish itself in the young target group as “cool and helpful” and increase interaction. What is the core of WhatsApp? Exactly, the direct dialogue! The ADAC recognized this perfectly and created real added value with this campaign! Users can use WhatsApp to ask the ADAC all kinds of questions about traveling by car, insurances etc. they would never be able to ask their parents. A community team from the ADAC answers the questions directly and personally in a 1:1 chat.

5) Click to Chat and Click to WhatsApp campaigns

With Click-to-WhatsApp advertising, you can add a Send Message button to your Facebook or Instagram ads that opens a conversation in WhatsApp. That way, customers can start a WhatsApp chat with your company by clicking the button in your ad.

This is useful for example if you want to coordinate orders or appointments, start a consultation directly or if you want to conduct simple surveys or lead generation via chatbot.

Click to WhatsApp Ads

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Facebook

6) Messenger marketing campaigns from practice

In addition to constant communication in Messenger Marketing, there are also always special occasions, such as holidays, product launches or rebrandings, which are to be supported with completed Messenger Marketing campaigns. The topic of “Conversational Marketing” – i.e. dialog – is the focus here. Successful conversational marketing has a few things in common and characteristics:

  • The conversation from person to brand is the focus
  • A real added value for the user
  • The added value consists not only of the product – but also of the brand’s “thought leadership” know-how
  • A use case that could also be the case in a WhatsApp chat among friends
  • A direct relationship between brand and customer
  • The use of media in the WhatsApp chat
  • The (further) exploitation of the created content on all possible platforms

💡 Here are some of our favorites from Adidas, Unilever, Mercedes Benz, Nivea, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Deutsche Bahn and ADAC: “Conversational Marketing: Examples of WhatsApp Messenger Marketing Campaigns”.

7) Content strategy and user generation as a success factor

🚀 User generation: Every Messenger Marketing project is only successful if enough users participate! But there are unfortunately no possibilities for users to search for companies directly in WhatsApp! In Telegram you can do this, but you should not rely on that alone! Companies must, therefore, draw attention to their messaging campaign “from the outside”. We have summarized an overview with many examples and tips & tricks in the article “How to get more users into your Messenger service”!

📖 Content strategy: As with every new medium, the question arises for messaging apps too, which content is suitable at all? If there is one thing we have learned from the past, it is that every medium deserves its own content. Companies have always done well to first look at how their target group uses the medium. The advantage of messaging apps is that they are by far the most popular communication channel and so any company can get into the situation quite quickly. “How to find the right content strategy for your Messenger Marketing” we have explained here in detail.

Conclusion: Yes, messaging apps are primarily dialogue channels and that’s good!

But if you adapt to the features of WhatsApp and Co. and develop suitable and attention-grabbing campaigns for them – you can still be successful in Messenger Marketing in 2020!

All the use cases we have shown you in this article can be implemented with our software solution in compliance with common data protection laws. It can be used immediately, is browser-based and is used by hundreds of customers every day. On the one hand, your company is available to your customers 24/7 on the most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Telegram. On the other hand, you can process the requests of your customers and interested parties from the various messaging apps centrally via our tool. In addition, our software solution allows you to implement push communication via messenger newsletters on channels such as Notify, Telegram, or Apple Business Chat. Finally, the Chatbot Builder helps you and your company to make the collection and processing of customer data as well as customer service more efficient and cost-effective through targeted

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