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The Messenger Communication Playbook

The ultimate guide for successful communication via WhatsApp & Co.

playbook english ultimate guide communication via whatsapp

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Telegram & co are now an established part of people’s everyday communication. WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app worldwide.

The use of WhatsApp is also increasingly establishing itself as a customer communication channel for companies to satisfy customer demands. According to a representative YouGov survey, more than one in two customers would like to be able to contact companies via WhatsApp.

Our Messenger Communication Playbook is the ultimate guide for successful communication on WhatsApp & Co. Learn how to use WhatsApp throughout the customer journey and what KPIs you can improve with it – all based on best cases from a variety of industries.

Playbook content at a glance:

  • Benefits of WhatsApp & Co. for your company and your customers
  • Possible usage of messaging apps along the customer journey
  • Everything about KPIs in messenger communication
  • Concrete tips for your success with WhatsApp & Co.
  • Various best cases from e-commerce, car dealership, energy provider, retail, B2B, governments, media companies and insurances

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    © 2021 MessengerPeople


    © 2021 MessengerPeople