Your Solution for Successful Customer Communication via Messaging Apps

Offer your customers the option of contacting you over the leading global messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and more.

With the Messenger Communication Platform you can manage your customer communication intuitively, professionally, and in full compliance with data protection regulations.


Use Case: Customer Service in 1:1 Chat

Let your customers contact your company over messaging apps. Offer individual consultation in 1:1 chat, for topics including:

  • Questions about bills and payment
  • Product information
  • Individual problems
  • Changing or updating personal data
WhatsApp Custsomer Service

Use Case: Notifications & Alerts

Use messaging apps to send your customers important information or updates in real-time, reaching them on their smartphone lock screen.

  • Verification – such as registration or log in confirmation, two-factor authentification, etc.
  • Confirmation – for example, booking or payment confirmations.
  • Alert – delivery status, flight time changes and more.
  • Reminder – for an appointment or an unpayed bill, etc.

Use Case: Target Group Activation

Contact your target group over the most popular communication platform and offer opportunities for interaction.

  • Raffle invitation and registration over WhatsApp and Co.
  • Gather feedback, whether about a product, service, program, or more.
  • User-generated content
  • Surveys
Use Case Aktivierung der Zielgruppe

Unified Messenger Solution

Let your customers get in touch with you over the leading global messaging apps while managing your communication centrally over the Messenger Communication Platform.



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The Messenger Communication Platform offers these features:

1:1 Chat

One intuitive platform for all messaging apps (WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram)


Your employees work in defined roles, as well as in efficiently together in a team

Ticket Assignment

Coordinate customer inquiries within your company and assign tickets to the right agents either using Drag & Drop or with the Autorouting function


Get to know your users and save relevant information to be available throughout the entire chat


Improve your efficiency with preset answers

Chatbot Builder

Create Chatbots to support your customer service, without any programming background knowledge

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