Messenger as a Customer Service Solution: Best Practice

Customer Service & Messaging Apps: In this article you’ll find many best practice examples of messaging app customer service with case studies from exciting companies from a wide variety of industries.

Customer service via messaging app is gaining traction. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are starting to play a decisive role for companies in terms of customer communication and customer care. We sum up the most important points of this movement in our 6-part series “Messing Apps for Companies – Customer Service via WhatsApp & Co.“.

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  2. These 7 Branches Offering Messaging App Customer Service
  3. Best Practice Messaging App Customer Service: 3 Examples of Automation with Chatbots

1) Customer Service & Messaging Apps: 4 Case Studies

1. BMW


Case Study Workshop Service via WhatsApp and Chatbots: vehicle owners want to be informed about every step of the process when their car is in the workshop. Has the repair already started? Is something broken? Is the car ready to be picked up? Inquiries of this kind lead to an unsustainable call volume, especially in large car dealerships. Together with MessengerPeople, BMW’s Munich headquarters is breaking new ground: customers can conveniently request the repair status of their vehicle and further information via WhatsApp.




Case Study Retail: INTERSPORT Hübner has already recognized messaging apps customer service potential and offers its customers personal advice via WhatsApp. By implementing this new channel, INTERSPORT increases customer satisfaction and attracts prospective customers to its stores.

3. Transgourmet


Case Study B2B Trade: The grocery wholesaler Transgourmet is a specialist in supplying bulk consumers in hotels, restaurants, company catering and social facilities. As part of their customer service, the company offers its customers the opportunity to submit inquiries via WhatsApp, which are processed and answered immediately. The offer has been very well received and is used intuitively by customers.

4. Women’s Best

Case Study E-Commerce: Women’s Best reaches 1.3 billion people in 150 countries, in a variety of languages. They receive a high volume of incoming customer service messages, and answering these quickly with high quality isn’t easy. The challenge isn’t just to answer efficiently, but also to handle any follow-up questions or questions from frequent shoppers and create a dialogue with the user.

Look inside the Messenger Communication Platform and learn about messaging app customer service strategy and best use cases in our free webinar:


Successful Customer Service with Messaging Apps.

2) These 7 Branches Offering Messaging App Customer Service

1. Automobil Industry


Many car dealerships offer their customers digital information, but their service is often still very behind the times. Even if messaging apps are used in customer service, there is the problem that the employees don’t use WhatsApp & Co. in accordance with the GDPR. We will show you how you can successfully implement customer communication via Messenger in compliance with data protection regulations.

2. E-Commerce


How can your e-commerce business stand out against the competition? With outstanding customer service! We’ll give you five concrete examples of how leading brands are already using messaging apps to get closer to their customers.

3. Retail


Retail, whether we’re talking about drugstore chains, owner-managed shops or large department stores, faces two decisive challenges. First, e-commerce is growing steadily, making it easy for customers to shop online. Second, stationary retail must offer new and existing customers a modern customer experience. In this article you will learn how stationary retailers can offer better customer service with the help of Messenger Communication.

4. Transport


Transport today means that customers take the subway to the airport and drive into the city at their destination by car or ride sharing.  They can get to work with an eScooter or a bike from a bike-sharing provider. But what if problems arise during te ride? Then they need fast and direct customer service. How can mobility service providers offer efficient and personal customer service that is fast, flexible and reaches people where they talk to each other every day? You’ll find out in this article.

5. Travel


Travel agencies face competition from the increasing number of digital offers — and even more digital-savvy travel providers often don’t offer intuitive customer service. We show you how you can offer your customers the best digital travel advice with professional messenger communication and give your company a competitive advantage.

6. Banks


From private banks, to credit unions, savings banks to online banks – everyone claims that the customer is the center of their attention. However, customer service often tells a different story. Consultants are hardly reachable, processing times for e-mail are several days long, and waiting lines for phone service are unbearable. This article will show you how banks can offer better customer service with messaging apps. No more waiting on hold, plus shorter processing times!

7. Industry


In the industrial sector, high production costs and a shortage of skilled workers are increasing the competitive pressure on the export-oriented sector. We show you how to offer an innovative and efficient service with professional messaging app communication and how to stand out from your competitors.

3) Best Practice Messaging App Customer Service: 3 Examples of Automation with Chatbots

Customer Service & Messaging Apps: Professionalism through Automatization

Customer service over messaging apps? Two things are staunchly in support of this. First off, messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Co. essentially dictate our daily life. Secondly, customer service over email and telephone is generally leaving customers annoyed and unsatisfied.

We’ve explained both of these points in detail in our article “Customer Service and Messenger: WhatsApp & Co. preferred over E-Mail and Social Media”.

Today’s customers want companies to offer quick, effective, and personal customer service. They want to be able to take advantage of this on their most-used digital platforms.

This means that companies need a professional customer service solution that their customers can successfully connect with – for example, a customer service option over messenger chat. This can be based off our Customer Service Platform

Over our customer interface, you can easily and centrally manage customer requests, you can assign employees to different customer requests, and add labels for extra organization.

Together with our Chatbot Builder, all frequently asked customer questions can be completely automated and answered around the clock. Customer service employees are able to take over the conversation when the question is too complicated and requires more assistance.

More information about Customer Service & Messenger via MessengerPeople software in the article “Tooltip: Customer Service Platform“.

1) Volkswagen Automobile Frankfurt: Customer Service with a 1st Level WhatsApp Bot with Appointment Scheduling!

Volkswagen Automobile Frankfurt uses messengers for their workshop customer service: their WhatsApp channel allows customers to set up an appointment over WhatsApp.

In the first step, the Chatbot goes over the most relevant questions, and then directs the conversation to the right customer service employee, who can talk to the customer in a 1:1 chat.

Exciting: The Chatbot / WhatsApp Bot of Volkswagen Automobile Frankfurt ask relevant information before scheduling service appointments for the car.

The personal element in the messenger communication, as well as the direct connection to the employee that takes over the conversation is the most important element.

Additionally impressive is the speed with which users can book an appointment – specifically because the interaction takes place on a digital channel, which most of use every day. Read more about customer service and WhatsApp in the automotive industry here.

2) Commerzbank: Customer Care with the WhatsApp Bot Offering Exclusive Stock Market Analysis

Commerzbank offers interested investors news and analysis about stock market actions and wealth growth. The subscribers to this customer service receive video analysis, podcasts, as well as long term analyses of asset management.

The internationally active bank has also created the assistant CORA, in addition to an Amazon Skill.

CORA is the first digital Analysis Assistant who can be asked about topics (users search for the term with a hashtag, for example #searchterm) and can find the most relevant articles from a content hub within just seconds.

The most interesting part of this customer service over is that it offers the customers classic information and content. The Chatbot also clearly explains what the customer should and shouldn’t expect.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Commerzbank system, read our article: “Messenger Marketing & Banks: Commerzbank as 1st mover in providing customer service via WhatsApp!

3) Brille24: Immediate Scheduling over WhatsApp at Your Closest Optician!

Brille24 is an ever-growing online store for glasses, with a variety of different international websites and shipping locations. They offer a weekly message which offers deals and sales, but also offers an individual customer service.

Through this service, you can set up an appointment to get your eyes checked at the closest optician’s office. Using messenger as a customer service solution lets Brille 24’s clients access a variety of services, all over their most-used tool: their cell phone.

To read more about Brile24’s customer service success, check out our interview “How Brille24 uses messaging for professional customer service”.


                        Practical: Brille24 helps in finding your closest optician


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