With “Messenger API for Instagram” you can now reply to Instagram Direct messages in the MessengerPeople software!

As of June 2, 2021, MessengerPeople customers can use the Messenger API for Instagram. This means businesses no longer need to go into the Instagram app to reply to Instagram Direct messages (DMs).

Many of our customers already use MessengerPeople to connect with their customers via WhatsApp, Messenger from Facebook, Apple Business Chat, or Telegram. At MessengerPeople, we’re excited to now offer Instagram Direct messaging as another messaging channel. The updates to the Messenger API for Instagram are part of our efforts to provide businesses easier access to their customers across all their touchpoints.

No matter where the customer is on social media, they should be able to contact us directly with just one click! It’s great that we can now offer this on Instagram in addition to Facebook and WhatsApp – thanks to MessengerPeople.”

Eduardo Carollo, Marketing Director ati Wildrad

What is Instagram Direct?

Instagram Direct is Instagram’s private chat and messaging channel. Your friends, fans & followers can send you messages and media in a private chat and you can reply to them. These messages are not visible in your profile or feed.

Users can access Instagram Direct messages (or DMs) in the Instagram mobile app or on the web via the icon at the top right of the home button. Businesses can now reply to these messages directly via dedicated software and the Messenger API for Instagram, rather than having to go into the app.

What is the Messenger API for Instagram?

Businesses that want to work efficiently usually want to use a single platform to respond to messages from multiple channels. The Messenger API for Instagram now allows businesses to manage messages initiated by customers throughout their Instagram presence, including profiles, stores, and stories.

Facebook previously announced updates to the Messenger API to support Instagram messaging in October 2020. The new API capabilities will allow businesses to integrate Instagram messaging with their favorite software tools to have more efficient conversations, increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue.

We receive a lot of Instagram Direct messages on a wide variety of topics. We’re thrilled that we now don’t have to reply to the messages via a smartphone, but can incorporate them into our existing Messenger communications.”

Michael Elschenbroich, COO of stylink, an affiliate platform for influencers

How do businesses use Instagram messaging?

Instagram direct messages play a vital role in connecting people with businesses and brands in a personal way through replies to Stories, direct messages, and mentions. Last year, the number of daily conversations between people and businesses on Messenger and Instagram increased by over 40%.

With the expansion of social commerce features on Instagram, it is also expected that customer service on Instagram will become even more important for businesses in the future.

For businesses, Instagram is the showcase for their products and shopping inspiration for millions of people. Stories, Reels, and feed posts inspire and Instagram Direct messages inform and convert!

Matthias Mehner, Managing Director and CMO of MessengerPeople

Which software tool for Instagram Direct Messages?

The Messenger API for Instagram with MessengerPeople allows us to successfully scale our social commerce. Consulting, sales and customer engagement on Instagram can now be handled in one tool directly by our team.”

Erik Reintjes, Managing Director at MissPompadour

The integration enables brands to communicate with their customers via Instagram messaging directly via the MessengerPeople software solution and thus in a central “inbox” with WhatsApp and Co. With the Messenger API for Instagram in a tool like MessengerPeople, companies can manage their customer communication via Instagram messaging faster, more professionally, more efficiently, and in compliance with data protection laws.

  • One inbox: Whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DM – all messages centrally in one inbox.
  • Intuitive ticket system: Distribute requests to different employees conveniently via drag & drop or even completely automatically!
  • A chatbot: Do you already have a WhatsApp or Messenger chatbot? You can easily use it for Instagram as well!

What can I do with the Messenger API for Instagram?

In addition to direct messages, there is also the option to send rich media such as images. If users mention a company in their Story, the company also receives a notification via the Messenger Communication Platform and can respond directly.

  • Reply to Instagram direct messages from users (note the 7-day window!)
  • Receive and send media like pictures or videos (file or link)
  • Send voice messages (will be sent as a file or link)
  • Reply to Instagram direct messages with the help of chatbots or chat modules
  • View story for 24h and reply to it. After 24h you can still reply – but not see the story anymore

❗ Please Note: We are still in BETA phase here and exploring all possibilities. In addition, the above is subject to and shall vary according to changes at Instagram.

What can’t the API for Instagram handle (yet)?

  • Video calls
  • Posting in the feed, Reels, or Stories
  • Sending or receiving Reactions
  • Receiving recorded videos directly
  • Receiving recorded voice messages directly
  • Receiving or sending stickers
  • Group chats
  • Sending newsletters

Requirements & Settings for the Messenger API for Instagram

Companies that want to send Instagram Direct messages via the Messenger API for Instagram must meet the following requirements:

  • At the start of the beta phase, Instagram accounts with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers (Instagram guideline).
  • Businesses need to have an Instagram Business Account.
  • This Instagram Business account must be linked to a Facebook page.
  • Instagram account setting: (only works on mobile): Settings -> Privacy -> Message Settings -> scroll all the way down “Linked Tools” -> turn on “Allow access to messages” ✅.

The linking between the MessengerPeople software and Instagram will then happen within a few minutes directly in the tool:


What is the cost of the Messenger API for Instagram?

As of June 2, 2021, the Instagram API will be officially available for MessengerPeople customers.

All MessengerPeople customers will get Instagram Direct messaging as an additional channel in their package for free upon request.”

Franz Buchenberger, CEO of MessengerPeople

❤ If you are a MessengerPeople customer, please contact your personal account manager!

When will I get the Instagram API?

The Instagram Messenger API is unfortunately not yet immediately available for all companies. There is a limitation on the part of Instagram at the beginning:

  • Phase 1: Any IG business account with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers can access the API, starting June 2nd, 2021. (available ✅)
  • Phase 2: Any IG business account with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers can access the API, starting in July, 2021 (available ✅)
  • Phase 3: All business IG accounts can access the API, by end of Q3 2021

In short, starting June 2, 2021, we will be able to onboard accounts that have between 10k and 100k Instagram followers and meet the other requirements.

❤ If you are a MessengerPeople customer, please contact your personal account manager!

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