Messaging App Customer Service for Insurance: 1 to 1 Chat and Chatbots

1:1 customer service, now made easier and more convenient with messaging apps. For both customers and employees in the insurance industry, this modern, effective communication channel has a variety of advantages and leads to better satisfaction.

In this article, you can find out exactly how messaging app customer service for insurance companies work with two real-life cases, as well as inspiration and ideas for optimizing your customer communication and meeting your customers on their most-used communication channel.

Messaging apps can change the way that customers feel about your company, improving loyalty and trust. When customers can send you a quick message about their insurance policy instead of taking time out of their day to call or having slow-moving e-mail conversation, it shows that your company is focused on providing a good customer experience, that you have a modern service and mindset, and that insurance can also be innovative. The informal tone and ease of use is far more in line with today’s modern communication.

For the insurance market, customer trust is naturally extremely important. And we all know that calling your insurance provider to clarify details of your insurance coverage isn’t the most fun way to spend an afternoon — why not make your business truly customer-centric and allow your customers to reach you in a secure 1:1 chat via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Apple iMessage, or Telegram?

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1. WWK: Chatbot Insurance Consulting

WhatsApp Chatbots increase efficiency with 1st level insurance support

The German insurance group WWK focuses on provisions and precautionary insurance, coverage and investments. The WWK team has developed an excellent Chatbot which takes care of first level communication with both potential customers, brokers, and employees. This naturally raises efficiency but also serves as an engaging, modern tool which shows that the WWK is focused on providing convenient care. The Chatbot first asks whether you’re interested in becoming a customer, or if you are a current stock broker or employee. In the latter two cases, you enter a password to access important information.

Potential customers can receive an opening menu of general information, each with a number that the user send to select that information. Users can be directed to a personal contact, sign up for an informational webinar, learn more about the WWK contracts, watch a quick introduction video, learn about the company’s history, and much more.

Insurance brokers and employees can use the information in the app to be kept up to date and even enable automated notifications to ensure that they receive all company news.

To see how this works, check out YouTube demonstration of the Chatbot – the text is in German, but you can see how simple and fast the communication is:

Chatbot Advantages for Insurance

  • Contact categorization with an customizable menu structure: employees, potential customers, or brokers
  • Topic categorizaion such as contact, webinar, videos, company news, etc.
  • Automated content distribution
  • Conversation forwarding to the relevant customer service agents

You can learn more about using Chatbots for messenger customer service in our article: How Chatbots Can Be Successful in Customer Service.

2. ADAC: 1 to 1 Customer Service and Consultation

1:1 customer service on the go – ADAC offers personal consulting for car and travel insurance

The ADAC created the campaign #donttravelwithmom in summer 2018 to reach a younger target group with a new communication channel. The focus was on creating a personal, direct, 1:1 dialogue where customers could send in questions and an ADAC employee would answer them in a friendly, informal tone. Customers could ask general questions about cars (including more technical aspects), questions about ADAC membership and the various ADAC products, packages, courses, and more, as well as questions about traffic and car travel. This was a great campaign with future international potential as well, considering that the ADAC community has about 20 million members worldwide.

The ADAC understood well that this low-threshold communication via messaging apps can help you over an excellent, personal service, and then direct users to products or packages that fit them the best. The positive customer experience combined with the customized experience and the integrated possibility to discover new products and services is a great differentiator from other static, less modern forms of customer service.

3. More Ideas & Inspiration

There are countless ways to use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and other low-threshhold communication channels to reach out to your customers and let them reach you! And 1:1 discussion and automated FAQs are far from the only possibilities. The following ideas give you a bigger picture of the breadth of professional messenger communication possibilities, specifically tailored to the insurance industry.

  • Messaging apps for stockbroker communication
    Use messaging apps to ensure better, closer B2B communication between insurance companies and stockbrokers. You can provide a contact partner to make sure that all questions are handled quickly and correctly, and provide updates for further training and company information.
  • Insurance forms, now via Chatbot
    Let a Chatbot help customers fill out necessary insurance forms. The Chatbot can gather the information required with a series of questions. Customers can also update or change their personal data via Chatbot.
  • Customer feedback and interaction
    Show customers you care about their experience with occasional customer satsifaction surveys via WhatsApp. This helps you learn more about customers and positions messaging apps as an open, personal contact option.
  • Notifications for contract renewals, changes to insurance plans, and more!
    The WhatsApp Business API also supports push notifications, for specific types of important information. You could send customers reminders when they need to renew a contract, when new options become available, or reminders for bills, etc.

Of course, with a little creativity and your specialized knowledge of your customers and their needs, the possibilities are endless. If you have some ideas, or are interested in talking to a messenger expert about how messaging apps could work for your business, then get in contact with us via our messaging channels!

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