KPIs for Messaging App Customer Service: Higher Customer Satisfaction

Companies are using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Viber and Telegram more and mroe for customer communication. But how can you measure the success of messaging app customer service? The Customer Satisfaction Score ist an essential Key Performance Indicator for customer service – and you can measure your customer satisfaction to see how successful and effective your messaging app customer service is.

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Customer service via messaging apps makes customers happy!

3 reasons why messaging apps raise customer satisfcation

Customer service via messaging apps make customers happy!

What is customer satisfaction really? Wikipedia says it’s an indicator for the quality of customer loyalty and retention management, as well as quality management. If the indicator is positive, then that can make the customer more willing to recommend a company’s products or services, or use the same brand again and again. This means that higher customer satisfaction leads to more returning customers, and better success for your business.

“Messaging app customer service offers 25% higher customer satisfaction levels.”

-Geoffrey Fowler, The Washington Post

The customer service department has to regularly and thoroughly measure customer satisfaction. This can be done best with a quick survey after a purchase. A channel that definitely no longer works well is feedback per e-mail. A better option is to offer regular, but short and focused surveys via messaging apps.

3 reasons why messaging app customer service raises customer satisfaction!

1. Personalized service, instead of standard e-mails and waiting on hold

Messaging apps offer a completely different customer service atmosphere. Companies using messaging apps are making themselves available on the same channel as the customer’s friends and family. The communication is quick, direct, and visual. This added closeness and convenice helps companies to raise the customer satisfaction.

Customers respect the effort that companies are making to fit into their daily lives. There’s an additional feeling of exclusivity with the 1:1 channel, and customer service via messaging apps puts customers and their needs at the center of the customer service strategy.

Messaging Apps & Customer Satisfaction: Time is the factor that customers consider most important in customer service

time is important for customer service


2. Answering customers quickly pays off!

The importance of the customer’s time raises year after year. With the hectic pace of modern life, each minute of a customer’s time is valuable to them. When customer service agents can respond and resolve a customer’s inquiry faster, there are clear positive effects. Customers are more likely to write positive reviews or develop a positive bond with the company if they can rely on quick and competent service.

Quick handling and processing is supported by hybrid Bots, which can take over first-level support in a variety of cases. This is especially handy when you have data that can be standardized, such as FAQs, appointment scheduling, returns, and more. Human colleagues can handle complex questions or second-level support, where more time or a more personal touch is required. Chatbots can easily be programmed to forward conversations to employees.

3. Meet your customers where they are!

We’ve all heard it before – “The customer is king!” Professional messenger communication can finally make this a reality. When people want to communicate with businesses and brands, they want to do this in the most convenient possible way – and that is messaging apps. The Washington Post reports that 70% of consumers prefer a “message us” button to a “call us” button: the customers have spoken. Facebook data shows that offering messaging app customer service even improves trust in brands!


If you’re interested in learning more about how exactly messaging apps measure up to customer service via e-mail, social media, telephone hotlines, and more, check out our series diving into fact-based comparisons: Why Messaging Apps are #1

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