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Everything you need to know about Chatbots. From integration with messaging apps, to Chatbots with and without AI. Read about use cases for e-commerce, media, or customer service, as well as company best practices. Tutorials, How-To, tips, tricks and guidelines for creating your own Chatbot. For both beginners and experts.

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Talk to the Bot!

What if customer service did not have to involve being put on hold without an end in sight? Well, it does not have to anymore. A customer service chatbot can help! Customer inquiries can be a [...]

Something with Bots …

Chatbots aren’t exactly seen as the preferred conversation partner by many. In large part, this is due to the capricious way that companies often start up their chatbot messenger projects. [...]

Can bots replace apps?

Bots are the new craze, but what does this mean for apps? With bots being touted as the future of commerce, some think that apps might soon become irrelevant. However, this is far from the only [...]

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