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“What is Messenger Marketing? What kind of companies can use messaging apps profitably? How does this work and what kind of advantages does customer communication via messaging apps offer? ”
Our MessengerPeople experts will teach you everything you need to know about Messenger Marketing in under an hour!

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February 19th, 11 AM

SPECIAL: Best Practice! Customer Communication via Messaging Apps

  • 10 key learnings for successful messenger communication
  • 5 success stories of our customers
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Mondays 12 PM

Chatbots in Customer Service
- How-to

  • Chatbot Conception & Tools: Every Chatbot needs a solid concept
  • What personalization options do chatbots offer to improve the user experience?
Tuesdays 12 PM

Successful WhatsApp Usage
- How-to

  • The WhatsApp evolution: from a private messaging app to an effective enterprise communication
  • Exclusive LIVE demo of the Messenger Communication Platform
Wednesdays 12 PM

Messaging Apps for Customer Service - Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp & Co.

  • From A for Apple Business Chat to W for WhatsApp: an Overview
  • 7 Tips for Successful Customer Service via Messaging Apps, exclusive LIVE demo
Thursdays 12 PM

How to use the Messenger Communication Platform

  • The Messenger Communication Platform is a modern ticket system for customer communication via messaging apps
  • Find out how to use the Messenger Communication Platform and how you can provide efficient customer service
Fridays 12 PM

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Choose your industry and learn more about how to profit from messenger marketing!