Introducing the MessengerPeople API

Today, we are proud to announce a new, exciting way to communicate with your customers via messaging apps – the MessengerPeople API.

Using our unified message setup, you’ll be able to reach your customers no matter which messaging app they use. Dispatch thousands of chats per second, all with a simple HTTP request. Automate workflows, integrate core services and trigger tailor-made status notifications. Welcome to the MessengerPeople API.

Options for professional messenger communication

At MessengerPeople, we have a bright history of helping companies of all sizes communicate with their target audiences via messaging apps. After our start in marketing automation, we’ve pivoted to building a customer service platform which provides an enterprise-grade support application for agile teams. While our Messenger Communication Platform has a specific purpose – providing world-class support via messaging apps – the API can fit whatever purpose you choose: it’s up to you to build something amazing with it.

WhatsApp Business for everyone

As we’ve previously outlined in our blog post, setting up the WhatsApp Business API is a pretty complex process, involving getting approved by WhatsApp and setting up a dedicated Docker environment, multiple databases, monitoring tools and media storage. If you use our API, we take care of all these things for you. You benefit from our rock-solid, distributed and tested WhatsApp Business API cluster. And of course, we provide you with a service level agreement.

Protecting privacy by default

Messaging is something highly personal. We’re dealing in user trust, and you can rest assured that we don’t take that lightly. Data protection has always been a priority for MessengerPeople. No, wait! We really mean it. Way before the GDPR became mandatory, we committed to storing only the minimum required data for our services to work. Our previous solutions even required an industry leading double opt-in, effectively preventing spam throughout the entire existence of our company. Today, we’re still adhering to these principles. We only store data if and when we actually need it, we prioritize of proper encryption, delete as much and as early as we can and invest heavily in secure infrastructure. Signing our DPA agreement, you can be sure that your information will stay safe.

Cutting edge performance

Our API has been carefully designed to be as scalable and reliable as possible. Built around a replicated message queue, it is capable of handling tens of thousands of messages per second, complete with automated test runs, rolling releases and zero-downtime deployments in multiple regions worldwide, all backed up by a global content-delivery network. Whatever you’re planning to build – we can handle it.

Omnichannel communication over all relevant messaging apps

All messaging apps can be addressed using the same, well-defined and thoroughly documented payload format. We take care of all the quirks and specialties, making omnichannel communication via different messaging apps as easy as listing multiple recipients. Over time, we will add more and more target channels, enhancing your reach even further. Currently, we support the WhatsApp Business solution, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Integrate your favorite tools

The MessengerPeople API is just a regular JSON API: sensible defaults, aptly named endpoints, no surprises. By accepting webhooks and dispatching HTTP requests, you’re able to integrate instant messaging into almost every software. To aid you in the process, we’ve prepared some sample projects on GitHub, which will soon be followed by official SDKs for all major programming languages. And of course, there’s our custom-made API documentation which allows you to directly call any API endpoint in an interactive console.

Is this the right product for me?

If you want to provide customer service from a ready-made, professional web interface, you’d be better off using our Messenger Communication Platform. The platform is the leading solution for professional messenger communication and provides you with a broad set of features to handle support cases. If you’re looking for a flexible way to integrate messaging apps into your products or tools, however, the new MessengerPeople API is the solution for you.

Sample use cases

We’ve prepared a list of a few things worth exploring but remember this is just a starting point. We can’t wait to see what kind of awesome things you are going to build!

A ticket system integration

You use your customized ticket system for anything and everything, it’s tightly coupled to your business workflows and all your staff is trained on it? You would really like to answer your customer’s questions via WhatsApp or other messaging apps, but your management won’t let you switch platforms? We get it. Use our API to integrate with a new delivery channel into your ticket system and make everybody happy!

A two-factor authentication system

You work in a highly secure environment, so 2FA is a must. USB keys get lost, however, and SMS was torn apart by infosec guys years ago. Why not use an end-to-end encrypted messaging service to deliver one-time secrets instead? You can even let your users decide which messaging app they want to use and deliver the message transparently to your application.

Real-time shipment delivery notifications

Want to let your users know when their freshly prepared pickup order is ready, or their package arrives? Tell them about delivery delays instantly? Send out a templated notification, supported for all messaging apps.

Connect a virtual assistant

Maybe your website has a virtual assistant already, or you’ve built one for your app. With our flexible webhook support, it’s easy to wire it up to one or more messaging channels, instantly connecting it to a broad audience. You might also want to use a virtual assistant as a first level support hero, answering the most basic incoming questions in an FAQ style.

Provide a digital concierge service

Top-notch hotels often provide a concierge service to their guests, fulfilling every wish they might have. But what about those too shy to ask for help? Provide them with a digital assistant they can always turn to – discrete, intuitive and personal. You might even use multiple different channels, hosting several personalities, and let a dedicated team take care of your guests’ happiness.

A restaurant food order system

Busy restaurants often need lots of staff to cope with orders and payments. Instead of hiring even more waiters, why not accept orders via instant message, simultaneously removing friction in the order process for your customers and relieving your personnel.


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