How to get more users for your messenger services

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How can I get more users for my messenger services? We have put together your ultimate guide answering the question how you can get more users for your messenger services. We’ll explain from optimizing your landing page, to creating a widget for GDPR-compliant first contact, to marketing and service strategies.

We hear this question again and again: “how do I get more users into my Messenger service?” Naturally, because of the excellent performance shown by messenger marketing and messenger customer care, more users have a direct effect on your marketing and sales goals.


Marketing for Messenger Service!

In principle, it’s quite simple: you have to advertise your service! Ask yourself:

Where do I have contact with my customers? And how can I communicate the service at these touchpoints?

We differentiate between two possibilities:

1. Promote your messenger service on external touchpoints

2. Promote your messenger service on your website!

1) Promote your messenger service using external touchpoints

  • With click to chat, WhatsApp offers the possibility to create a link behind an action. When the user clicks on the link, WhatsApp automatically opens with a pre-set message. You can use these in a variety of ways:
    • QR Codes on flyers, presentations, etc.
    • E-mail banners
    • Paid Media ads, such as Facebook ads or banner ads
    • Social Media Posts and Instagram Stories
    • We created a video to give you a detailed overview of how to get more users via click-to-chat

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  • Actively communicate your number and use your reach!
    Many companies already have a large reach! Whether that’s via your website, on packaging, or what have you, use all available touchpoints to communicate your service.



  • Post regularly on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn
    Each contact that you have there can be turned into a messenger services users – and then you don’t have to worry about the algorithms!
  • Do you already have an e-mail newsletter? Ask your users if they’d prefer to receive the information via messaging apps 😉
  • Ask your users to recommend the service to their friends.
  • Use Messenger Ads on Facebook to direct people to your messaging app information service!

2) Promote your messenger service on your website!

The simplest answer is the most easy one to forget: use your website! This is where most of your customers are looking for support, contact and more information.

  • A good basis is always an optimized lading page. You can take a look at our page as an example and read here about how to make a successful landing page. This example from United Bank for Africa also shows how they prominently let their customers know about the messaging app channel.

Lets talk on Apple Business Chat UBA

  • Directly communicate the number! It used to be all about the widget – but you can also communicate your service number directly. So include it in your site in a prominent way! The example of southeaster railways show how it is done.

southestern railways whatsapp service

  • Use the Messenger Card Widget!
    MessengerPeople customers are provided with a widget. This widget is sufficient for customers to contact me via messenger. Install this widget as prominently as possible on your site!
    What you should pay attention to when using the widget:

    • Add the widget in the sidebar, header and footer of your website!
    • The shape and size of the widget can be easily adjusted.
    • Always use the latest widget that MessengerPeople makes available to you free of charge. You can find your widget in your MessengerPeople customer area.

card widget example messengerpeople

  • Use the Messenger Chip Widget!
    The click-to chat icon is a relatively familiar way to get in touch with your visitors. With the Messenger Chip Widget you get your users directly into the messaging app chat! The chat button can be placed anywhere on your site. In our experience it works best to place the button at the bottom right.

  • Use your contact page and social media icons!
    Use the pages on which your website visitors are looking for a way to contact you and prominently advertise your messenger service here. Don’t forget your standard contact page and your social media icons!


  • Mention your messenger service directly in your texts, for example at the end of an article.
    Offer the service in the right context. If, for example, your user reads an article about Bayern Munich, you can ask him directly if he wants to stay up to date on this topic via messaging app.


Messenger services are are becoming more and more popular and can take your business communication, your customer service, and your marketing to the next level. All you have to do is to advertise your services, gain as many users as possible and keep them with attractive content.

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