How to get more subscribers for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger!

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We at MessengerPeople put together your ultimate guide for: “How to get more subscribers on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger” – in the following, we will show and explain step by step how to improve your landing page, using Facebook ads right and making your own content and contact strategy. Our insights are a result of years of experience in supervising more than 1300 customers in messenger marketing and managing almost eight million subscribers on a daily basis.

“How do I get more subscribers for my WhatsApp newsletter, respectively my messenger chatbot?” is a question I hear frequently. Fair enough, if you consider that the extraordinary performance results of messenger marketing (opening rates around 90% and clickrates around 25%) can have a huge impact on your objective in marketing and sales.

We at MessengerPeople would like to make use of our expertise and pass our insights in the messenger business onto you – e.g. which contents and strategies will work best and how to reach to your soon-to-be subscribers.

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1. Optimize your landing page for more subscribers

a. If possible, integrate key words like “WhatsApp” and/ or “Facebook Messenger” in your URL, this way your service can be found much easier via Google search.

example: Financial Times

b. Make sure to provide a clear and structured view on your landing page; capital graphics in your header and a well understandable call-to-action will have a great impact. example: Just Spices

c. Position your widget at an apparent spot on your website!

example: Aspen Woolf

d. Offer a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to your service and don’t forget to mention all of your other messenger services (e.g. Facebook Messenger) too!

example: Vision Cruise

Maybe you could even illustrate your registering process in addition with an animated .gif or video?

example: Cosmopolitan

e. Communicate clear and plain: Which advantages (fast, current, exclusive, personalized) can be exepected by subscribing to YOUR service ? Also, put emphasis on your service beeing free of charge and easy to unsubscribe!

example: Ice Lolly

f. Make clear how often you want to contact your subscribers and what content can be expected (e.g. once a week, only breaking news, highlights of the day or a daily recap of current events).

example: Loving New York

g. Put emphasis on our high standards concerning data and privacy protection, all mobile numbers are stored securely and for subscribing purpose only – no numbers would ever be given to third parties!

example: Financial Times

h. Offer different categories for subscription (enterprise package) from the very beginning – relevant only information are highly appreciated by all subscribers, but also it will difficult to convert your subscribers later on.



2. Integrate your messenger widget correctly

a. Your widget can be adjusted in size and shape easily.

b. Position your widget in sidebar, header and footer of your website aswell!

example: Latest Free Stuff

c. Make sure you are currently using the latest version of your widget. We keep your widget constantly updated for free – just check within your interface at MessengerPeople.


3. Convert more of your website visitors into newsletter subscribers

Visitors come and go – if you manage to convert them into subscribers, you can reach them again and again without much effort or costs.

a. Link your landingpage for messenger services prominently – in navigation, header, footer and next to your social media icons.

b. Create a distinct banner for your homepage, the title area and sidebar.

c. Point out your messenger services at the end of your every content and if it comes along well, in between your articles also. E.g. if your user is currently reading an article about soccer on your website, you could ask him directly if he would like to stay informed on this topic with your messenger service.

d. Place your widget in areas of your website designated for users to connect with you and prominently point out your WhatsApp Newsletter and Facebook Messenger!

 4. Use your already existing reach!

Most  companies are unaware of their already existing reach (own media) – it is probably already more influential than you think!

a. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn or other social media on a regular basis. Every contact you gain there, you can transform into a subscriber for your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger services – where you don’t rely on algorithms to reach them.

b. You already run an e-mail newsletter? Great! Ask your subscribers if they would like to receive your newsletters via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger aswell or even preferrably!

c. From time to time, ask your already happily subscribed users, to recommend your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger services.

d. This might not be for everyone – but if you have the opportunity, use billboard advertising, flyer or even television advertising for recommending your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger services.

e. QR-Codes may be out of fashion already or may never have been, but with the release of the iPhone 8 things could change soon. In any case it’s worth a thought promoting your messenger newsletter on giveaways, in print ads and on your exhibition stand too!


5. Get more WhatsApp subscribers through ads and other platforms

a. Look out for groups and communities, e.g. Xing or Facebook, which might be interested in your services.

b. Facebook Messenger ads generate great conversion, very directly and all naturally without any media disruption! This is a great way to not only increase your number of subscribers for your Facebook Messenger, but for your WhatsApp Newsletter equally!

Tip: Get more information about sponsored messages on Facebook here.

c. Consider using other ways of advertisement too. Google AdWords or content marketing providers, like Plista, Outbrain or taboola, can help you improve your performance marketing just the same!


6. This is how you qualify your Facebook Messenger bot to be found easily!

a. How to activate Facebook Messenger for your channel – in two easy steps: Click here for our step-by-step summary.

b. Enlist your bot on Facebook for “discover” and “featured“. You can get a detailed and easy how-to guide here.

c. Sign in your Facebook Messenger bot at directories as botlist, topbots or chatbottle.


7. Find a content and contact strategy for your Messenger Newsletter service that fits for you!

whatsapp-audio and video files

A helpfull service on WhatsApp or an assisting bot on facebook will be recommended to friends and family happily and helps to decrease your unsubscribing rate. First commandment is – not only for these channels but any other too –  to avoid spamming with ads but to convince with relevant and nicely fitting content.

Here are some helpful rules to align with:

a. We recommend a max. of three newsletter a day, better keep up the good quality of your newsletter!

b. One topic with one link for one newsletter: one straight call-to-action is enough and helps to avoid confusing your subscribers.

c. Short messages and significant pictures will help your subscribers to get your point easily.

d. Use our options for personalization (“categories” are free for gold and platinum customers) for sending valuable content only to your subscribers.

e. Address your customers personally with an “Hi Matthias”, whenever it is possible.

f. Give exclusive offers and information to your subscribers but keep in mind to fit in the personal way of communication which makes these channels so special and effective. Send your subscribers voice messages or short podcasts from time to time – WhatsApp is the only medium allowing you to do so –  make the most out of it!

g. You could also stage expert chats on a regular basis via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. For example, “every monday between 1 and 2 pm our gardening expert Max will provide you with advice and assistance – send us your questions now!”.

h. Invite your subscribers to interact with you, ask questions! This kind of communication will lead you much closer to your subscribers needs and wishes.



The constant proceeding of newsletters and bots via messenger is unstoppable and if you make it right, it will help you change your corporate communications, your service and your marketing for the better. Everything you have to do is to advertise yourself, gain as many subscribers as possible and keep them loyal by sending siginifcant content.

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