How to build a chatbot quickly and easily with our “Chatbot Builder”

Customer service sure means a lot of work. 80% of customer inquiries come back again and again (FAQs). The remaining 20% are complex and have to be pre-qualified and assigned to the right person. How can you meet this challenge so that your customer service is successful and efficient? With our free Chatbot Builder, you can quickly create effective chatbots or virtual assistants that make your customer service more efficient  – and you don’t need any prior programming knowledge.

When it comes to chatbots, most people immediately think of artificial intelligence, which is first and foremost about the automation of dialogs. Very few of the chatbots used today on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Notify & Co. have artificial intelligence.

Two reasons why artificial intelligence has little to do with chatbots

  1. Creating AI-supported chatbots or virtual assistants are complex and cost-intensive. Very few companies are able to provide the necessary resources.
  2. For most of the use cases, there is no artificial intelligence required! What is necesary instead is a clear concept with defined objectives: what the chatbot should be able to do, to which questions it should give answers and that it remembers which questions it could not answer (which at the same time means that you immediately know which further dialogue options still have to be integrated in the future).

Simple messaging app chatbots, which are to be used in customer communications, must be able to answer recurring questions and, in the case of more complex or individual questions, forward them to the right service employee. This article is about how you can create such a chatbot with our Chatbot Builder.

In this article you will learn:

  1. What is the Chatbot Builder?
  2. Create a customer service chatbot in no time with our Chatbot Builder
  3. Best practice chatbots for customer service in 1st level support

1. What is the Chatbot Builder?

The Chatbot Builder is a central feature of our Messenger Communication Platform and is free for our customers. With the Chatbot Builder, you can create simple and efficient chatbots or build virtual assistants for your customer communication via messaging apps without any previous knowledge in programming.

messengerpeople support bot

This screenshot shows a section of the user interface of our Chatbot Builder, on which an automated dialogue for the MessengerPeople FAQ chatbot is currently being developed.

The Chatbot Builder offers you these possibilities to create your own chatbot to optimize your customer service:

  • Automation of dialogues: The dialogue is the core piece of a chatbot. There, the connection between user questions and the corresponding answers of the chatbot is established. Example: Who are you? – I am the smart bot!
  • Predefined topics: Topics give the bot a context. This allows the bot to give different answers to the same question, depending on the topic. Example: Topic FAQs vs. Topic Products
  • Variables: With the help of variables your chatbot can retrieve previously defined data from his conversation partner. This data can then be used for personalization or targeting. Example: Name, age, place of residence, willingness to take risks…
  • Data model integration: Data models are tables with additional data that the bot can access to during the dialogue. Example: Product catalogue, opening hours, quiz questions…
  • Analysis: It is important that you regularly analyze the performance and development of your messaging app bots and use the findings to optimize them. Example: What are the most frequently unanswered questions or what are the questions that the bot answers most?

Create a customer service chatbot in no time with our Chatbot Builder

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3. Best practice chatbots for customer service in 1st level support

Many customers already created great customer service chatbos and virtual assistans with the help of our Chatbot Builder software. In the following we will introduce some of these chatbots (demos) for first level support to you. There are examples of chatbots on different messaging app platforms, which are all supported by our Messenger Communication Platform as we offer a unified messenger platform solution.

1) Womens’s Best service chatbot

Added value for the company: In 1st level support, the service chatbot takes over the pre-qualification of the customer inquiry and first requests important customer data, such as country, name or e-mail address. Then the inquiry is handed over to a human service employee.

Tip: Download our exclusive case study now: How Women’s Best uses WhatsApp to offer customers 2 times faster customer service

2) MessengerPeople’s support chatbot

Added value for the company: Our chatbot complements our support by pre-qualifying the customer inquiry and asking if the person already is a customer or not yet. Via simple hashtag commands, the user receives our latest information about messaging apps statistics, best practice examples of our customers or the latest technical developments.

This example of pull instead of push communication is underpinned with a reference to our Notify app, which sends you a notification if there is new content of companies and organizations you follow.

By the way, our support bot is available via several messaging apps (unified messenger solution).

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3) Service chatbot for insurance companies

Added value for the company: The chatbot offers insurance companies the opportunity to pre-qualify customer inquiries in first level support. In the event of a claim, the chatbot asks the customer for the following data: Customer number, date of birth for verification, date of the accident and description of the incident (if applicable with picture). The data is then passed on to a human colleague who contacts the customer.

4) Service chatbot for HR- and Recruitment

Added value for the company: In 1st level support, the chatbot pre-qualifies the customer inquiry by asking first in which area the applicant seeks a new job. It then provides an overview of job openings in the area of interest. If the customer is interest in any of the openings, the bit sends the detailed job description, and the eeded qualifications. The application process starts by answering the questions of the bot with all needed information in the first step.

chatbots in customer service

Learn more about how chatbots can be successful in customer service in this article. 

If you have any great ideas about professional usage of WhatsApp or other messaging apps, then get in touch with us (preferably via WhatsApp)!

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