How to activate your Facebook Messenger correctly

The Facebook Messenger works differently than sport does. Taking part in an event is NOT everything. With these seven hacks we will show you how your chatbot or facebook messenger newsletter can easily be found on Facebook. 

With these seven tips we will prepare you for the Facebook Messenger:

  1. Make up your mind! Existing fanpage or additional Facebook page for your bot
  2. Register your bot for “Discover”
  3. Set up the call-to-action-button “Send Message”
  4. Use Messenger-URL and code
  5. Advertise for the Facebook Messenger
  6. Install the Message-Us plugin
  7. Let the Messenger service be assessed

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1. Existing fanpage or additional bot page? What to do?

Depending on what you primary use your Facebook page for (for example marketing or general services) an additional page for the chatbot might be useful. Our comparison helps you in your decision making process between both models. 

A) Additional chatbot page

  • Pros:
    • Support requests and bot or broadcasting functions do not mix up
    • Difficult screening of customer requests in the comment section omits due to no posts on the chatbot page
  • Cons:
    • Bots are hard to find on Facebook and there is almost no chance in the Facebook Messenger
    • Fanbase has to be rebuilt and bot pages can not be verified, which means less trust, relevance and higher advertising rates
Fanpages with many support requests should only use support chatbots through the main page. Campaigns and broadcasting should run via an additional, separate (new) Facebook page.


B) Existing fanpage

  • Pros: 
    • Facebook rates direct responses by a bot as high responsiveness. Combined with the interaction in the messenger of a Facebook page the reach of organic posts increases (keyword: relevance)
    • Fans can be sent quickly to the bot with the help of a call-to-action-button
  • Cons:
    • Mixture of chat, chatbot and broadcasting through one messenger system might get confusing for fans and operators

Facebook pages, which focus on marketing and reach, should offer everything on a single page.

2. Do not wait to be discovered – take care of it by yourself!

Bots, locations and companies can be searched and found under “Discover“.  “Discover“ is sorted by category, latest activities and recommended experiences.

Please note that each submission has to be approved in order to be accepted in “Discover“. Also make sure to describe and categorize your bot correctly while filling out the form. You can revise the form in your site settings at any time, if you want to update your bot information.

Submitting your chatbot to Facebook “Discover“ – here is how it works:

    • Click on Settings on your Facebook page
    • Click on “Messenger Platform“ in the left column
    • Turn on “Discover Visibility” by switching to “Show“
In order to be accepted in “Discover“ your submission must be approved. Chances increase the better your description and the more accurate your categorization is. These can be adjusted in your settings anytime.


3. Use the call-to-action button “ Send Message“ 

Make it easier for your fans to get in contact with you or your bot with the call-to-action button on your Facebook page.

How it works:

  • Click on “+ Add a Button“ below your cover
  • Click now on “Edit Button“ and select the call to action “Send Message“

  • Finally click “Save Changes“

4. Trend-setting: Messenger URL and code  

Do you have a website and advertising media such as flyers, posters, stickers etc., you are promoting your company with? Then you should absolutely make use of Messenger code and URL. Create, share and integrate those wherever it is useful. This scannable code, such as the URL, immediately opens the Facebook Messenger and a conversation with you or your bot.

How to find your own Messenger code:

  • Call up your page
  • Click on “Messages“ 
  • Click on the tool symbol ℹ and download/share your Messenger code

And this is your Messenger URL: 

With the Messenger URL you are able to start a “Click to Messenger Ad” on Facebook. In comparison to an usual link ad, that kind of a Facebook ad does not open up a simple Messenger conversation, but also a welcome message which has been written beforehand by yourself. You can find more information regarding “Click to Messenger Ads“ here.

5. Getting even closer to the user: Facebook Messenger Ads

Since July 2017 companies can use Facebook Messenger as an own placement for ads and do not have to limit themselves to “Click to Messenger Ads” (see point 4). Pro: The targeting options are identical to those on Facebook ads. 

If you would like to promote your Messenger service, you can select out of two formats: 

Messenger ads:

  • appear on the home screen of the Messenger
  • no special requirements
  • Pro: Your ad will be shown in the overview of the messages within the Facebook Messenger. Messenger allows to reach new users directly.

How to book your ad: 

  • Open the Ad Manager or Power Editor
  • Choose “Traffic“ or Conversion“ as a goal
  • Create an ad and choose Messenger as your placement
  • Choose Carousel“ or Link Post“ as a format
  • Your website or the Messenger can be chosen as a goal. The latter has its benefit that users are able to start a dialogue directly within the Messenger.
  • Prices and bids do not vary from other popular Facebook advertising methods

Sponsored Messages:

  • appear as a direct message in the user’s inbox
  • can only be sent to users, who already have been in contact with the company
  • Pro: Users, who have already been in contact with you, receive a direct message from your side and are being invited to start a conversation
  • Requirement: Apply a Custom Audience. Read here on how it is done.

Advertising Sponsored Message Ads: 

  • Choose Conversions“ as your goal
  • Choose an appropriate page and click on “Sponsored Message“ within “Edit Placement“
  • Facebook automatically deactivates all other placements and points out to choose the right custom audience
  • Determine only one picture with a message as your format
  • You pay your sponsored message only after impressions. Another option is not available

You can find more information regarding “Sponsored Message” here.


6. Start a conversation with one click: “Message Us“ plugin for websites  

If you want to promote your messenger service on your website, you should use the button in the look and feel of Facebook. With a simple click, the user is able to get directly to the conversation with your service, whether it is a mobile device or a web browser.

You can find the plugin code to embed here.

7. Amazon sends some greetings: Let your fans review your Messenger service

Do you have an extra page for your Messenger communication and are you confident about the service you are offering? Let your fans rate your service then. (Positive) Reviews are a verification of your quality and might help especially with bots, their missing page verification and the associated missing trustworthiness.

This is how you activate the reviews for your chat:

  • Click on “Settings“ on top of your page
  • Afterwards click on “Edit Page“ in the left column
  • Scroll down and click on “Add a Tab“
  • Click on “Add a Tab“ next to “Reviews“


With just a few simple changes of your settings, you can make the promotion of your Facebook Messenger Channel more effective and optimize it without spending too much money or time on it. Besides these tools and tips mentioned above, you still have some options left to increase the engagement of your page. What other kind of tools are available beyond the Facebook universe? Find out about it in our blog article Tips for More Facebook Messenger Subscribers“.

Have a great idea for customer service via messaging apps and want to talk about it? Message us!