How OBHAI is using WhatsApp for even faster ride-booking

OBHAI is a ride-sharing provider for daily transportation needs and offers also parcel delivery. With the newly launched WhatsApp service from OBHAI, users can book rides directly via the most popular messaging app. For quick needs, customers can also chat live with OBHAI agents via WhatsApp. We show you how the service works and what added value it offers to their existing customer service channels. 

How does OBHAI´s Riding Sharing WhatsApp Service work?

OBHAI’s WhatsApp service includes a bookable transport service that picks users up and brings them to the desired locations. In addition, OBHAI offers a parcel service, the so-called Obhai Express. Customers of Obhai have the possibility to contact the customer care team via WhatsApp at any time to clarify questions or concerns.

To use the innovative WhatsApp service, all that customers have to do is simply write “Hi” in a WhatsApp message to the following number +880-1313-201-222. A chatbot then automatically asks the customer for all the necessary information: name, email address, and the geolocation of the pick-up and destination, in case the customer wants to book a ride.

WhatsApp OBHAI booking will help lot of OBHAI users to simply order an OBHAI Gari, OBHAI CNG, and even order OBHAI Express services in few key strokes.
Anis Ahmed, Startup Founder, and Investor of Obhai Solutions Ltd.


In addition, the chatbot supports the pre-qualification of inquiries. It offers the customer various selection options for their inquiry/intention. So the agent has immediately the information about the topic of the request. The chatbot is monitored and maintained by the customer care agents of OBHAI, to always have an eye on the user experience.

Why on WhatsApp?

With over 2 billion monthly active users around the globe, and 22% (around 40 Million) users in Bangladesh, WhatsApp is being used as the primary communication platform in Bangladesh. Keeping the need and comfort of the citizens of Bangladesh in mind, OBHAI edged a step ahead and introduced its own WhatsApp service to complement its ride-sharing offerings. And to provide passengers a more personalized experience.

This service also acts as a safety net for OBHAIs customers when their internet connection is not stable enough to open the OBHAI app. In addition, OBHAI’s WhatsApp service will also give people the ability to book a ride quickly and easily for those who may not have enough storage space on their smartphones to use the app.

👉 WhatsApp can beat Customer Service via Live Chat and Apps in many ways – we wrote an article for you with good arguments!

How has the service been promoted?

In order to bring the new service closer to the users, OBHAI promoted its new WhatsApp service on its social media channels and sent a press release to the media.

Your OBHAI ride and all its services are now just a WhatsApp away!

With the first of its kind in the ride-sharing…

Gepostet von OBHAI am Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2021


Quelle: OBHAI LinkedIn

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