How e-commerce and retail companies generate more sales via WhatsApp & Co.

How can e-commerce companies use WhatsApp & Co. to increase their sales? In this article, we show how you can accompany your customers along the customer journey via WhatsApp & Co. using concrete use cases of well-known brands. Whether it’s advice via WhatsApp, payment via Apple Pay, or customer service via WhatsApp, the use of messengers can help increase your company’s sales at every point in the customer journey.

It’s a way to build entirely new and significantly nicer kinds of customer relationships. On the one hand, there’s the warmth and humanity of retail. But on the other hand, the convenience, optimization on speed from e-commerce. We want to combine both and offer the whole spectrum.

Artjem Weissbeck, Founder and Managing Director of Hey Charles

In the article you will learn:

Why should you adopt WhatsApp & Co. for your customer communication?

  • Mobile service & sale without own app: Customers who are advised via WhatsApp & Co. complete a purchase 33% more often on average than customers who use the service on other channels or apps.
  • Increase in conversion: For around 70% of customers, complicated online payment options have led to the abandonment of a purchase – in-messenger payment via WhatsApp Pay or Apple Pay prevents this and increases conversion.
  • Speed: Via WhatsApp & Co. you are able to answer customer inquiries 30% faster on average.
  • Simple automation: By providing first-level support with chatbots, you can save up to 80% effort.
  • Better service, lower costs: WhatsApp & Co. help to reduce the number of returns because customers can submit their complaints by picture and the service team can quickly decide whether a return is necessary.
  • Cross-selling & up-selling: Through the degree of personalization and the trust already built up in direct communication, you increase the chances that customers will be interested in additional offers.

Use cases along the customer journey, how companies use WhatsApp & Co. in e-commerce.

The following use cases from leading brands in e-commerce show the many ways in which messenger communication can be used along the customer journey.

1. Marketing sends Promotional Newsletter via Apple Business Chat is a leading online marketplace for car leasing offers. The online portal’s editorial team regularly compiles selected offers that interested users can subscribe to via smartphone using Apple Messages for Business.

Users receive a daily offer that they can respond to directly by messaging the service team if they are interested. If an appointment is made, the service employee can send the user a selection of available appointments via message including a time picker. Once the customer has made a decision, he can click on the corresponding appointment proposal.


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2. Consulting

Brille24 relies on personal consultation and appointment via Messenger.

The service offer is very well received by customers. Especially by older people, because it’s so easy and makes a phone call or email superfluous. We have more than doubled our users in a year.

Andreas Sobing, Head of CRM at Brille24

Leading online optician Brille24 relies on Messenger for its customer advice. In a 1:1 chat, the team advises customers on choosing a new pair of glasses after the customer sends a photo. Customers then receive suitable suggestions for new glasses. In addition, the consultation also offers an appointment for an eye test at the nearest local optician.

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WhatsApp consulting example: MissPompadour “WhatsApp is a sales tool for us”.

For MissPompadour, WhatsApp is the perfect consulting channel and thus an important building block in conversational commerce. Customers can send photos and videos to get quick and easy advice. According to Erik, CEO of MissPompadour, successful e-commerce is not about email or phone, you have to offer all channels. If you have a product that requires a lot of advice, you will have to take the step to the WhatsApp service, says Erik and continues “With the WhatsApp service, we are successfully bringing retail online.”

misspompadour whatsapp conversational commerce chat

💡 Tip: Download the retail best case “MissPompadour” 

3. Order

Hey Charles: Ordering and Curated Shopping via WhatsApp & Co.

The online fashion store Hey Charles initially offers customers inspiration with its product catalog (lookbook). If a customer is interested in a particular product, he receives further images and tips via WhatsApp. Once he has decided on a product, he is asked whether the order should be finalized. With the checkout link, the customer also receives a 10% discount for his next purchase. With this dialog-based selling – also called conversational commerce – Hey Charles wants to combine the feeling of “human retail” with modern e-commerce and create a new and innovative customer experience that focuses on the customer relationship.

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4. Payment

Apple Pay, WhatsApp Pay & Facebook Pay

For the customer, it is convenient to complete the order and pay directly in Messenger. For the company, in turn, this is an additional advantage for portraying its own service as particularly customer-oriented, which does not involve any frictional losses, for example, through forwarding to external parties.

Not all messengers relevant to companies already offer a solution for the payment process.

Apple is a pioneer here and offers an online payment function with Apple Pay, which is integrated in Apple Business Chat. After customers have made a selection in the product catalog via Messenger, they can pay for the product directly via Apple Pay.

We expect a massive increase in sales with the integration of Apple Pay.

David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Women’s Best

WhatsApp is still working on the launch of WhatsApp Pay based on Facebook Pay, the unified online payment system of the Facebook “Family of Apps”.


Women`s Best is one of the world`s most successful social media startups, with several thousand orders a day. It sells sportswear and premium sports nutrition for women through its online store.

After the checkout in the online store, Women’s Best asks for the WhatsApp or Apple number and sends automated order confirmations via notification – later also the shipping confirmations.

Of course, the team is then also available for customer queries via WhatsApp – a big advantage over SMS notification.

👉  Download Case Study Womens Best

5. Delivery

How does the mail-order company Erwin Müller manage 10,000 requests for delivery status via WhatsApp?
The traditional mail-order company Erwin Müller has evolved into a multi-award-winning online store in over 70 years.

With the use of WhatsApp Notification, they originally wanted to address a younger target group, but today the channel is used by customers of all ages and saves the company time and money by automating the dispatch of the delivery status via WhatsApp for thousands of orders per month.

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6. Customer service and returns management

Hessnatur: Fewer returns thanks to WhatsApp customer service

Customers can easily send us pictures via WhatsApp. In the event of complaints, we can find a solution quickly – and in many cases avoid returns. That’s also a big advantage from an economic point of view.

Harald Goßler, Head of Customer Services at Hessnatur

Hessnatur, the German market leader for natural textiles, uses WhatsApp to be even closer to its customers. A key benefit here is that WhatsApp makes it easier to handle returns and helps to significantly reduce the number of returns, which saves the company money.

Customers can simply write to Hessnatur via Messenger if they are dissatisfied with a product or find a fault. Customers are delighted with the speed and simplicity of the service, and the company saves money in the process.

chat whatsapp customer service hessnatur

7. Customer retention

T1TAN: Customer communication at buddy level strengthens customer loyalty.

Through the WhatsApp channel, we are closer to our customers than any major sporting goods manufacturer.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1TAN

When it comes to conversational commerce, goalkeeper glove manufacturer T1TAN is every bit as good as Hey Charles. The young company manages its customer communication almost exclusively via social communication channels such as WhatsApp & Co. This is based on the conviction that a personal and sustainable connection to the customer must be established in order to be successful.

Accordingly, the T1TAN communications team answers any customer inquiries about orders, returns, but also about the everyday life of a goalkeeper – how do I care for my gloves, how can I become an even better goalkeeper – via WhatsApp. The personal contact via WhatsApp with the e-commerce company opens up a friendly level, which turns out to be a USP for T1TAN.

💡 Tip: 💡 Tip: You can find the case in our Messenger communication playbook. Just download it!

8. Recommendation

Good and personal customer communication pays off. As a company, you have the chance that your customers will recommend you to others. Time and again, companies report that their customers, if they were very satisfied with the service via WhatsApp & Co., give positive reviews on rating platforms such as Google, Trustpilot or Facebook and talk about it.

9. Reviews & Ratings

Getting good reviews on Amazon, Google, Trustpilot and other platforms is pure gold for many retailers.

With WhatsApp you have the possibility to ask your customers for a review after the purchase. The beauty of it: using simple chatbot logic, you can make sure that only satisfied customers give their (most likely good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) review.

  • The chatbot asks at the beginning if the customer is satisfied.
    If the customer feedback is between 1 and 3 stars, the bot can offer customer service support
  • In case of a top 4 or 5 star rating, on the other hand, the bot asks for a rating on Amazon or another rating platform.

10. Retention (repurchase)

Once you are in contact with your customer via WhatsApp, you are always very close to him. Your customer can easily contact you again and simply say “I want to buy the same product again”. This is not only super easy, but also saves you expensive advertising costs (customer acquisition costs)!

And if the customer does not contact you on his own, you have since June 2021 again the possibility to send WhatsApp newsletters, for example to suggest another suitable product or to address events such as BlackFriday.

👉 More of the WhatsApp Newsletter options.

How to best integrate WhatsApp & Co. into your e-commerce business

1. Use official business solutions from WhatsApp & Co.

To use WhatsApp for your e-commerce business in a scalable and privacy compliant way, you need access to the WhatsApp Business API. All other options offered by WhatsApp, such as the WhatsApp Business app or the private WhatsApp app, are ruled out at this point.

The easiest and fastest way to get access to the WhatsApp Business API is through a WhatsApp Business Solution Partner like MessengerPeople.

The implementation of the WhatsApp Business API was done in no time with MessengerPeople.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1TAN


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2. Integrate service at all relevant touchpoints

After you have integrated WhatsApp, the question is how you can effectively inform your customers that you will be using WhatsApp & Co. in customer communication in the future. You have the following options:

  • Communicate WhatsApp number at all your touchpoints

You have a phone number for your Messenger service on WhatsApp, which you should communicate prominently on all your digital (website, social channels) and analog touchpoints (customer magazine, flyers, etc.).

  • Embed MessengerPeople widgets on your website

You have two options: Messenger Card Widget and Messenger Chip Widget. The Messenger Card Widget is integrated on the website like a kind of contact form. It is important to include it as prominently as possible on your website. The Messenger Chip widget is similar to the Live Chat icon and should be placed in the bottom right corner of your website. Customers can use it to contact you directly.

  • Draw users’ attention to your service via social ads 

With Click to WhatsApp Ads, you can add a “Send Message” button to your Facebook or Instagram ads, for example. If the user clicks on it, they will be taken directly to WhatsApp where they can have a conversation with your e-commerce business.

💡 Tip: How you can best use your touchpoints to attract your customers to use WhatsApp can be found in our post “How to get more users into your WhatsApp Messenger service”.

3. Implement your store system

Connect Shopware or Shopify with our software and use many more possibilities like check out, product advice directly from the store system, chatbots or user profiles for further marketing measures.

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Your best solution for successful customer communication via Messenger.

All these use cases can be implemented with our privacy-compliant software solution. Why is it the best solution for your e-commerce company for successful customer communication via Messenger?

  • Ready to use: Browser-based and used by hundreds of customers every day!
  • Unified messenger approach: allows you to be available 24/7 on the most popular messengers like WhatsApp, Instagram, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Telegram + centralized handling of customer requests from the different messengers!
  • Push communication: via WhatsApp newsletter and on channels like Notify, Telegram or Apple Business Chat!
  • Chat modules: Quickly created they offer you and your colleagues relief in direct communication with customers
    Shopify, Shopware integration and interfaces to all relevant CRM and lead systems like Pipedrive, Hubspot etc.
  • Chatbot Builder: With simple chatbots in first level support, you can collect and process customer data and realize customer communication more efficiently and cost-saving than before.

You can get a first impression of our product here:

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