How Digify Africa successfully trains professionals on WhatsApp with Chatbot ‘Naledi’

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Digify Africa, a youth-led organization for digital education in Africa, made itself the goal, to help young people in Africa and around the globe, in reference to education in themes around digitalization. It worked together with WhatsApp and created a WhatsApp Chatbot, which makes digital education a lot easier. 

For Digify Africa it is important to provide people easy access to information round about the themes social media and digitalization. In South Africa WhatsApp is one of the most use channels. On average, 93.2% of South Africans use WhatsApp and Messenger apps are the most used apps, according to the Digital 2021 Report by We are Social and Hootsuite. So the team created the WhatsApp learning Chatbot “Meet Naledi”.

For the creation the company partnered with Facebook and our partner Techsys, a fast growing IT Solutions and Services company.

Who is Digify Africa?

According to Digify Africa, young people in Africa will need support as technology impacts the continent in the coming years. They provide free education, demand-driven skills, and work opportunities.

The youth-led network of digital professionals, entrepreneurs and trainers in their organization drives impact. The organization sustains itself by cultivating meaningful partnerships with organizations supporting their mission and by providing digital training and services to clients.

What was the reason for the creation of Naledi?

Especially in the time of the corona pandamic, many young people had problems in communication and education trough digital devices. Mostly because of the lack of accessebility to computers, laptops etc. but as well because most of them didn´t have the knowledge they would have needed.

Digify Africa wanted to minimize the proplem with the big rate of uneducation in Africa and the world with regards to digitalization. Reffering to that they created a digital learning solution with help of the biggest communication plattform WhatsApp.

So they brought Naledi into life.

 This exciting mobile learning opportunity will aid you with the right tools needed to market yourself on Facebook.

Gavin Weale, founder Digify Africa

Click here to chat with Naledi.

How does Naledi work?

Naledi helps people with every age to gain knowledge with different interactive tools and low-data-costs. It guarantees an easy access because of the usage of WhatsApp, which is the most used messaging app in Africa and many other countries around the globe. So most people already know how to use it without explenations.



The Chatbot offers quizes, study groups for further education and motivation. Furthermore you can get help from an expert content moderator and all this with minimal effort.

It also contains its personal stickers, voice messagges and animated recaps. Additional it is always up to date with the new WhatsApp Features like Buttons, Keyword Recognition and Push Notifications.

Furthermore you can have fun while learning. A gamified layer allows you to collect badgets, relied on your Achievements, track your progress and compare against others on the leaderboard.

What are the results of the project?

The chatbot is already popular and has exactly the effect, they wanted to reach. Since Naledi launched, they already where able to see these results:

  • hundreds of learners spend on average 1 week connecting with the chatbot
  • over 1,400 topics were completed
  • more than 100,000 Messages were already sent

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