How a B2B online store increases sales with WhatsApp chatbots and customer service

Case B2B Online Shop: With more than 30,000 visits to the TONEART online store per month, the service hotline rings by the second. How can TONEART answer these inquiries faster, better and more efficiently and thus relieve the service and increase sales?

Challenge: What made you decide to use WhatsApp in B2B communication for customer service?

TONEART CEO, Thomas Zeitz: “Since the launch of our online store, there are currently an average of more than 30,000 users per month on our webpage. Most of the products are complicated and sophisticated camera technology for professionals, as evidenced by the average shopping cart value of 800.00 euros. These products usually require a lot of explanation and so our phone rang every second. Our staff virtually only had to worry about the phone and could no longer pursue their actual tasks.”

Solution: How could a WhatsApp chatbot help you?

TONEART CEO, Thomas Zeitz: “With the innovative chatbot from MessengerPeople, it was now possible to have many FAQs answered automatically. Complicated questions from our customers are collected internally and, thanks to the Messenger Communication Platform, distributed to specialists from TONEART, who then communicate with the customers in a direct chat. This saves time and leaves a very professional impression on the customer.”


ToneArt Chatbot Menu EN

ToneArt Chatbot menu selection

So you’re relying on a hybrid communication of chatbot and human?

TONEART CEO, Thomas Zeitz: “Our customers benefit from a very elaborate menu in the chatbot system and are mostly automatically referred to support or RMA pages. However, at every position in the chat, the customer has the option to ask for a personal advisor or a callback from TONEART. We tap the exact consulting topic in the chat again beforehand, so that our service employee can prepare specifically for the phone call with the customer.”

Result: What is your experience with the direct customer service chat?

TONEART Managing Director, Thomas Zeitz: “The incoming customer chats can be specifically assigned to a respective TONEART service employee so that the customer is professionally provided with all relevant answers and facts such as delivery status or availability of an item.

In the chat, for example, we immediately send the link to the matching product in our store, thus motivating the customer to make an immediate purchase. It is also possible to attach images of articles as jpg. and data sheets as PDF in the chat. This again emotionally motivates the customer to buy the product in our store and not from the competitor.

High acceptance, higher customer satisfaction and more sales

“We’ve been able to visibly dial down the phone volume in our company, and our regular customers communicate with us almost exclusively via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.”

Our content and sales staff can now concentrate on their core tasks again, as the complicated and time-consuming telephone support has been reduced considerably.

This increases the effectiveness of internal tasks and thus also the quality of our store. There is even a noticeable increase in sales, as we can now use the chatbot to guide our customers to the right product in the store and draw their attention to special offers and discounts.

ToneArt Chatbot product availability check

product availability check

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