How to set up your Facebook Messenger for business- It’s Easy!

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The Messenger is one of the biggest topics for Facebook the next years. Over the past few months the Messenger has been updated regularly and new features have been added. The usage of Facebook Messenger for business as a tool for newsletter, services and chatbots is available for customers of MessengerPeople and it’s FREE.

Here you’ll learn how to activate the Facebook Messenger for business in two easy steps!

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There are several reasons why the Facebook Messenger is more and more interesting as a communication tool for companies:

  • About 20 million active sites are using the messenger monthly.
  • More than 100.000 chatbots (globaly) support the communication.
  • Over 2 billion messages (globally per month) are being sent between users and companies.
  • The worldwide estimated number of active Facebook Messenger users is 1.5 billion.
  • Over the half of the Facebook User (53%) prefer companies they are able to chat to.

Activate the Facebook Messenger for business in two easy steps

Step 1) Go to Settings on Facebook

  1. Make sure that you have administrative rights on that Facebook page to change the settings.
  2. Activate the option to contact you with “Private Messages” on your Facebook page:
    • Click on the top right corner of your page on Settings“
    • Click in the left menu on General“
    • Click on “Messages
    • Activate the option Allow people to contact my page privately by showing the Message button“
    • Now click on Save Changes“
  3. Now copy your Facebook username (directly below the name of your Facebook page without the @)

Step 2.)  Activation of the Messenger within the MessengerPeople user interface

  1. Make sure that you own the administrative rights on that MessengerPeople account.
  2. Activate the Facebook Messenger:
    • Click in the MessengerPeople user interface in the left-sided menu on “Settings“
    • Now click on “Widget“ and then on Unified Channels“
    • Insert here the username of your Facebook business page (without the @ symbol/character)
    • Set the option at “Widget Button“ to “Yes“ (Facebook Messenger is now visible as a button in your Widget)
    • Click on Save“
    • After the saving process click on Connect“
    • From now on your Facebook Messenger channel is activated in your widget.

Make the chat entry easier for your users with your Facebook Messenger bot

With the following two extensions you are able to arrange your Facebook Messenger’s “Welcome Screen” in the MessengerPeople interface even more individual and offer an easier chat entry to your users.

Greeting Text

In the box of your greeting text you have the option to create an individual welcome message for new users of your chatbots. Here you are able to write like a guide to start the chat or the terms of use, which can be seen by your customers as soon as they call up your chatbot through their smartphone in the Facebook Messenger – even before they type something in.

Create a Greeting Text:

  1. In the MessengerPeople user interface click on “Settings
  2. Now click on “Widget“ and then on the tab “Unified Channels“
  3. Make sure, that you have an activated connection to your Facebook account
  4. Write an individual welcome message into the “Greeting Text Box“ 
  5. Now click on “Save“

“Get Started“ Button

With the “Get Started“ Button you are making the subscription to your channel or the chat start with a bot easier for your users. This is helpful to customers, who do not know what to write in the beginning of the conversation with a bot. That way conversations will increase in general. They can activate a chat with a simple click on the button and thus subscribe to a newsletter for example.

Activate the “Get Started“ Button:

  1. Click in the MessengerPeople user interface on “Settings“ in the menu on the left side.
  2. Now click on Widget“ and then on the tab Unified Channels“
  3. Make sure, that you have an activated connection to your Facebook account
  4. Set the option at „Get Started Button“ to “Yes“
  5. Now click on “Save“



Please note that your welcome screen, which has been individualized with these extensions, only appears at the first time the user starts the interaction with your Facebook Messenger channel.

You can combine both features as you can combine them with the past settings in your MessengerPeople account. A logical combination of settings should be picked especially in newsletter activation. If you are going to integrate only the Get Started“ Button in your welcome screen you might as well let the users confirm immediately afterwards that they really want the messages to be sent (confirmation message in your general settings under activation details). If you combine the button with an appropriate greeting text, you are able to omit the confirmation request. In case you do not want neither a button nor a greeting text, you should always get a confirmation. That way you make sure users do not start the chatbot per accident.


How do my users subscribe to my Facebook Messenger for business channel?

After activation there is an option for the Facebook Messenger in your widget. Make sure that the widget is being integrated in a prominent way on your website or landing page.

How users sign up to your Facebook Messenger channel:

  • Users click on the button “Facebook Messenger“ within your widget. A plugin opens.
  • Now click on the button “Start Facebook-Messenger“. The Facebook Messenger will open a direct conversation with the customer.
  • Afterwards he is able to sign up for your newsletter or start a conversation with a simple start message.



Alternatively users can sign up themselves directly via the Facebook page by sending a random message to your business through the Messenger. Facebook offers more and more ways to let customers connect with you through the Messenger, like the new Facebook Messenger Ads.

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