E-Commerce Nation: “The customer service of the future is personal, direct, and fast.”

E-Commerce Nation – November 26th, 2018 | An interview with Matthias Mehner, MessengerPeople CMO, sheds light on the biggest e-commerce trens of 2018 and looks ahead towards where professional messenger communication, Chatbots, and customer service are headed in 2019.

E-commerce technology and trends are developing quickly — simple mobile payment, hyper-personalized service, voice assistants, and augmented reality are all becoming staples of innovative customer experiences. Mehner says that products are carrying less weight in purchasing decisions, and the experience and brand resonance are becoming more and more important. Brands need to adapt and figure out the best and easiest way to make connections with their customers.

“The customer service of the future is personal, direct, and fast.

That sounds like messaging apps. Read further in the E-Commerce Nation: “Interview with Matthias Mehner


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