Get Closer to Customers with Messaging App Customer Service: 4 E-Commerce Examples

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How can e-commerce companies make sure they stay ahead of the competition? One way is to offer exceptional customer service. We provide you with four concrete examples and a few ideas to jump-start your messenger customer service and develop a closer customer relationship.

Why focus on customer service to set your business apart? A survey from New Voice Media said that 72% of customers would be more loyal to companies if they had better customer service. Over half of today’s consumers say that a company’s customer care is just as important as their product range and quality. What happens when you have bad customer service? In 2018, companies lost about 13 billion euros to their competitors by failing to provide adequate service. Bad service means lower customer satisfaction, lower Net Promoter Score, and lower retention.

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Why should you start using messaging apps for customer service?

  • Mobile service & sale without own app: Customers who are advised via WhatsApp & Co. complete a purchase 33% more often on average than customers who use the service on other channels or apps.
  • Increase in conversion: For around 70% of customers, complicated online payment options have led to the abandonment of a purchase – in-messenger payment via WhatsApp Pay or Apple Pay prevents this and increases conversion.
  • Speed: Via WhatsApp & Co. you are able to answer customer inquiries 30% faster on average.
  • Simple automation: By providing first-level support with chatbots, you can save up to 80% effort.
  • Better service, lower costs: WhatsApp & Co. help to reduce the number of returns because customers can submit their complaints by picture and the service team can quickly decide whether a return is necessary.
  • Cross-selling & up-selling: Through the degree of personalization and the trust already built up in direct communication, you increase the chances that customers will be interested in additional offers.

Messaging App Customer Service Inspiration

Before we introduce four real-life use cases, here are a few ideas to help you picture how messaging app customer service can be used.

  • Curated shopping  (Pre-Sales / Post-Sales consultation)

Curated shopping is a mix of automated and personal shopping advice. Chatbots or hybrid bots can collect relevant data from the customer pre-sale and then hand it over to a personal consultant who immediately knows what the customer wants.

  • Fully-automated package tracking

“When will my package arrive?” is the most popular question about online deliveries. With automated package tracking, customers are automatically informed of the packet’s current whereabouts and delivery time via messaging app chatbots. This can happen proactively via notification whenever the package completes a shipping step, so that the customer never even has to ask about the status.

  • Click & Collect

From a verified purchase in the online shop, right up until delivery at the shop closest to the customer, customers can receive push notifications with information about each step for in-store pick up orders.

  • Complaint management

If a product is defect, the customer can first send a photo via messaging app, confirming that a repair is required, and then send the product directly to the repair. The customer can receive status updates during the repair process and about the delivery of the repaired product!

  • Return processes

In 2018, every sixth online order was sent back to the retailer. A chatbot can support the return process via messaging apps. From multimedia content (images, video, text) to automated label creation, and notifications when the returned packet is received and processed, this can simplify returns for both the customers and the companies.

1. Women’s Best helps customers via messaging apps

women's best screenshot customer service exampleWOMEN’S BEST is one of the world’s most successful Social Media start-ups. They sell sport clothing and premium sport supplements to women over their online shop. By switching to messaging apps for customer service, they were able to elevate their customer experience and offer the perfect customer care for their target group. Using iMessage (Apple Business Chat) and WhatsApp, the customers can quickly, directly, and personably receive information about their orders or other questions. The handling time per customer inquiry has sunken by an average of 50%:  inquiries can now be handled more quickly and more simply. The Women’s Best customers – 85% of whom use the mobile website – specifically appreciate how simple it is to contact the company via messaging apps and the quick reaction time. This has had a positive effect on customers’ purchasing behaviours, and the e-mail support has sunken by over 70%.

2. dm sells “Magic Postr” via Chatbot

ecommerce messenger kundenservice dm chatbot zoe kundenservice und whatsapp 1dm is one of the most successful drugstores in Germany. One of their services is photo development and printing, and they’ve created a chatbot “Zoe” as an alternative to their website photo sales. Zoe guides customers through a complete photo ordering process via WhatsApp. The customer can send up to 30 photos and Zoe creates a collage. The finished product is a surprise, which the customer can see when they receive the poster 3 days after ordering it. With this mobile chatbot feature, dm offers a fast and digital way for customers to print personal photos.

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3. Chat with the Vodafone store around the corner

ecommerce-messenger-kundenservice-vodafone-apple-business-chat-filialsucheVodafone is one of the first companies in Germany to start using Apple Business Chat – a way for companies to leverage iMessage and win points with loyal Apple customers. Customers or users searching for phone hardware or a new phone plan can directly message Vodafone after finding the company in the Apple Spotlight search, in Apple maps, or using Siri. Branches which support Apple Business Chat show up with a message bubble which serves as a low threshold entry point into the conversation.

4. Brille24 offers personal consultation via messaging apps

The leading online optician Brille24 offers an innovative and personal customer care channel via messaging apps. Customers can experience immediate, individualized, consultation – naturally, with multimedia support as well. The user sends a photo of themself to determine the ideal frame shape for their face and explains what kind of glasses they’re looking for. The customer service employee sends a variety of options that could interest the customer, and can set up an appointment for eye tests at the closest available store. This service received great feedback from customers and Brille24 has been able to reach all age groups with the intuitive consulting!

How can I get started with messaging app customer service?

1. Use official business solutions from WhatsApp & Co.

To use WhatsApp for your customer service in a scalable and privacy-compliant way, you need access to the WhatsApp Business API. All other options offered by WhatsApp, such as the WhatsApp Business app or the private WhatsApp app, are not available at this point.

The easiest and fastest way to get access to the WhatsApp Business API is through a WhatsApp Business Solution Partner like MessengerPeople.

The implementation of the WhatsApp Business API was done in no time with MessengerPeople.

Matthias Leibitz, CEO & Co-Founder of T1TAN

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2. integrate service at all relevant touchpoints

After you have integrated WhatsApp, the question is how you can effectively inform your customers that you will be using WhatsApp & Co. in customer communication in the future. You have the following options:

  • Communicate WhatsApp number at all your touchpoints

You have a phone number for your Messenger service on WhatsApp, which you should communicate prominently on all your digital (website, social channels) and analog touchpoints (customer magazine, flyers, etc.).

  • Embed MessengerPeople widgets on your website

You have two options: Messenger Card Widget and Messenger Chip Widget. The Messenger Card Widget is integrated on the website like a kind of contact form. It is important to include it as prominently as possible on your website. The Messenger Chip widget is similar to the Live Chat icon and should be placed in the bottom right corner of your website. Customers can use it to contact you directly.

  • Draw users’ attention to your service via social ads 

With Click to WhatsApp Ads, you can add a “Send Message” button to your Facebook or Instagram ads, for example. If the user clicks on it, they will be taken directly to WhatsApp where they can have a conversation with your e-commerce business.

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