DMEXCO 2019 – The Future of Messenger Marketing: “The end is just the beginning”

Strong conversion thanks to customer communication: the end of the WhatsApp newsletter marks the beginning of “the truly sustainable and profitable phase of messenger marketing via WhatsApp and Co.” for companies, explains messaging app expert Matthias Mehner at the MessengerPeople stand at DMEXCO (Hall 8.1 | Stand D-041).

Germany, September 9, 2019

For many companies, it was a shock when WhatsApp announced that December 7, 2019 would mark the end of bulk newsletter distribution via WhatsApp push notifications: numerous media houses, deal platforms, tourism and e-commerce providers had built up an impressive reach via WhatsApp in recent years. Now the question is: “What’s next? Was all that effort for nothing?”

Matthias Mehner, messaging app expert and Chief Marketing Officer at MessengerPeople, leading Software-as-a-Service provider for messenger services, explains at this year’s DMEXCO: “The fact that messaging app newsletters are no longer supported is not the end of messenger marketing. In view of declining advertising impact and decreasing conversion and recognition rates in traditional marketing, bulk push messaging was never the answer. On the contrary: “The paradigm shift is an opportunity for companies to significantly increase their conversion and customer satisfaction by using WhatsApp as a service channel – and to save both time and money with the new channel,” says Mehner.

Globally, consumers are ready for messaging app service

According to a recent study from YouGov and MessengerPeople, in Brazil, India, and Spain, over 70% of the population wants to contact businesses via messaging apps. In this respect, it’s a “win-win situation for all involved”, says Mehner: “Companies that provide customer service via WhatsApp – from brands like BMW, to insurance companies, to e-commerce startups like Women’s Best – report a significant increase in lead quality, increased customer and employee satisfaction, and a better ROI compared to other communication channels”.



The end of WhatsApp newsletters is the beginning of conversational marketing

“Marketing and customer service can no longer be viewed separately,” says CMO Mehner. “The entire customer relationship is part of the umbrella-topic of communication and dialogue. Unfortunately, this has been forgotten too often in recent years.” But the rethinking has already begun, e.g. in Germany, 83 percent of companies say that good customer service is “essential” today. For almost two thirds of corporate decision-makers, the future lies in the use of messaging apps. Both companies and customers are convinced by the communication channel’s agility, and the fact that widespread messaging app usage makes customer service on the channel simple and intuitive.


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