„Customer Service of the Future“: New Platform for Customer Service Management via Messaging Apps

World Premiere: The new MessengerPeople Customer Service Platform is the first professional ticket system for customer service over WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram / free Webinar “Customer Service Management via Messaging Apps” on December 6th


Munich, November 19th, 2018.

Innovation from the market leader: the Munich company MessengerPeople has developed a new software for professional customer inquiry management, designed for use with the most popular messaging apps. “Our new Customer Service Platform is designed for companies, institutions, and organizations that want to offer their customers or members the advantages of personal, quick, and flexible communication over messaging apps,” says MessengerPeople Managing Director Franz Buchenberger. “Our new software solution finally brings the customer service of the future to the market.”

„From Newsletters to Dialogues“

MessengerPeople started out as a Software as a Service solution for secure and professional newsletter distribution over WhatsApp and Co. Within the past three years, the company has risen to become the market leader in messenger marketing. “We consistently ask our customers for feedback and use this to develop our software further“ says Franz Buchenberger. “In these talks, questions about a professional tool for customer service came up again and again: a solution specifically for messaging apps, with which you could handle customer requests and problems quickly and directly.”

Customer Service, made by MessengerPeople: Efficient and GDPR-compliant Ticket System

With the new Customer Service Platform (CSP), MessengerPeople has developed a modern, browser-based ticket system, allowing companies with multiple customer service employees to provide efficient, data-protection-compliant customer service.
The new Multi-Messenger Solution made in Munich supports WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. MessengerPeople plans to add more messaging apps before the end of the year.

The user interface is clearly and intuitively designed, so that customers can begin using the platform almost immediately, with little to no administrative work at the beginning. External CRM systems can be integrated into the system easily via API.
Drag and Drop allows agents to assign tickets to different employees. In the Role- and Access Management section, managers can create individual Service Level Agreement regulations.

„The central inquiry management and the individual labelling function guarantee productive and efficient processes. The chat history and the current status of the inquiry are available at all times” explains Buchenberger. “Our individualized Widget ensures that the messaging app communication is technically reliable, GDPR-compliant, and legally sound.”

More Efficient Customer Service Using Chatbots

„Our experience shows that customer inquiries repeat themselves up to 80% of the time. By using automated answers, you can save time and resources and make your customer service far more efficient,” reports Buchenberger. Thanks to the integrated Chatbot Builder, customers can quickly and easily create dialogue-based customer service Bots, even with no previous programming knowledge. Functions can include FAQs, gathering customer information and preferences, or setting standardized exchanges for product returns, deliveries, subscription, cancellation, etc.

For more information about the new Customer Service Platform, register for our free Webinar on the 6th of December — topics will include best practice cases, data privacy and messaging apps, and an exclusive live demo.

Background: Customer Service via Messaging Apps

In the last few years, company customer service has transitioned from being merely cost-intensive and time-consuming, to becoming an essential success factor for businesses. Messaging apps are a convincing solution for customer communication primarily because they do away with inconveniences like waiting in line or on hold, as well as dependency on opening times. They offer the added advantage of being able to communicate flexibly using text, photos, videos, or audio messages.

The arguments in favor of messaging app customer service have echoed across countless media channels. The Washington Post reports that using messaging apps in customer service greatly raises customer satisfaction rates: the satisfaction rate for messaging apps is about 25% higher than for “traditional” telephone customer service. American research institution Gartner confirms this trend, predicting that “by 2022, messaging apps will have grown as a customer service channel by 250%, whereas telephone and email will sink by 70% and 60% respectively.” (“Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants.”)

WhatsApp and Co. have already firmly positioned themselves as the most-popular modern communication channels, and the usage numbers are impressive around the world: WhatsApp is used by 70% of the population in the UK, 73% in Singapore, 81% in Germany, 73% in Spain, 72% in Uruguay, 71% in Chile, and 70% in Argentina. Even more striking are the statistics in India and Brazil, where 97% and 92% of smartphone users are active on WhatsApp.

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