Covid-19: World Health Organization (WHO) consults via WhatsApp chatbot

How many are infected by COVIT-19? How can I protect myself from the virus? Since the outbreak of the corona epidemic, requests to the World Health Organization have multiplied a thousand times. Telephone or e-mail support is not possible for such high amounts of requests – now the WHO provides fast and direct information on the most important topics via a WhatsApp chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot During Corona Crisis Communication

In times of corona crisis, companies have to react and inform quickly and effectively. We have previously mentioned why telephone hotlines and e-mail support are not suitable in times of crisis – read our article “Busy phone hotlines?! Read how WhatsApp can help in times of crisis communication”. This is especially true for large organizations like the World Health Organization. Within a single week, they therefore developed a WhatsApp chatbot that always answers the most important questions quickly and up-to-date.

How many are infected? How can I stay safe of Covit-19? What fake news and myths are circulating? Where can I still travel to? What are the latest press news and where can I donate?

How the WHO Covid-19 WhatsApp chatbot works

1) Activation and promotion of the chatbot

The WHO Covid-19 WhatsApp chatbot, just like all WhatsApp bots, starts only after the user activation (GDPR!). In this case, simply write “Hi” to +41 79 893 18 92. If you are coming from Twitter or Facebook, just click directly in the post:

2) Development of a chatbot for WhatsApp

Unlike Facebook Messenger, the possibilities of a chatbot on WhatsApp are still very limited. However, with the help of a simple menu structure, it is easy to create and still very intuitive for the user.

3) How the WHO Covid-19 WhatsApp Chatbot gives advice

First, the WHO WhatsApp chatbot offers an introductory menu with 8 choices, each of which can be selected by a number (1-8). Here you will find all sorts of information , e.g. about current numbers or how to best protect yourself from the covit-19 virus, including YouTube videos for a better understanding. You receive many details, as well as links to fake news, myths, and how to donate and share the infor about the existence of this WhatsApp chatbot.

See here how the chatbot really works, we have recorded it in this video:

Conclusion: Up to 80% less effort with the help of chatbots!

Without Artificial Intelligence (in reality, very few chatbots really have that) but simple, quick and productive is the WHO chatbot in advising users about Corona. The existence of this chatbot, really gives customer service, employees and the service hotline of the Wolrd Health Organization time to breath and take care of other important issues. Experience shows that the effort for service and information can be reduced by up to 80%. In times when every single employee is needed, chatbots on WhatsApp become more and more important!

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