Click to WhatsApp Ads & Click to Chat – this is how it works!

Click to WhatsApp Ads and Click to Chat are very effective ad formats that help you quickly get users for your messenger service or chatbot. As always in performance marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind to be really successful.

Through the simple and fast customer communication in WhatsApp, companies and customers can build a very direct and valuable relationship. However, there are no options for users to search for companies directly in WhatsApp! Companies must therefore draw attention to their WhatsApp service “from the outside”. We have summarized an overview with many examples and tips & tricks in the article “How to get more users into your Messenger service!”. A very effective and scalable option are ads on Facebook and Instagram – so-called Click to Chat and Click to WhatsApp ad formats, which we explain again in detail here:

Overview Click to WhatsApp Ads

  1. What are Click to WhatsApp Ads?
  2. How to book Click to WhatsApp Ads for Facebook and Instagram?
  3. What specifics should I pay attention to when designing Click to WhatsApp Ads? 
  4. Click to Chat: The alternative for Google Ads and Co!
  5. From the field: Click to WhatsApp for OMR Report competition

1) What are Click to WhatsApp Ads?

With Click-to-WhatsApp advertising, you can add a “Send Message” button to your ads on Facebook or Instagram that opens a conversation in WhatsApp. This way, customers can start a WhatsApp chat with your company by clicking on the button in your ad.

The ads are not much different from other ads you can run on Facebook or Instagram. Only the call-to-action button is different. It says “Send Message” and opens not a landing page, but WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Web.

This is well suited, for example, when orders or appointments are to be coordinated, a consultation is to be started directly, or you want to conduct simple surveys or lead generation via chatbot.


2) How to book Click to WhatsApp Ads for Facebook and Instagram?

Before you get started: Create a business account. You’ll need to download the WhatsApp Business app or integrate the WhatsApp Business API. Then link your WhatsApp account to your Facebook page. You also need to be an administrator of your page.

Create Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

How to create click-to-WhatsApp ads in the Ads Manager:

  1. Go to the ad creation.
  2. Set your advertising goal.

Click to whatsapp im Facebook Business Manager auswählen

Ads with the goals “reach”, “brand awareness” “interaction” or “video views”.

  1. Set the target group, placements, and campaign schedule.
  2. Under Links, click Add Website URL.
  3. Add the URL of your company website.
  4. Under Call to Action, select Send WhatsApp Message.
  5. Select the page associated with the WhatsApp number from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Confirm to publish your ad.

3) What specifics should I pay attention to when designing Click to WhatsApp Ads?

ATTENTION! For many users it may still be unfamiliar that clicking on a Facebook or Instagram ad opens their WhatsApp. This can lead to high abandonment rates and poor cover version.

Best Practice Click to WhatsApp Ads! 

  • Make it clear in the visual that WhatsApp will open (chat bubbles).
  • Explain what advantages this type of “landing page” has
  • Do not use descriptions like “ask the chatbot”.
  • Rather say: “Get advice!”


What happens after the click?

In the best case, a WhatsApp chatbot jumps right in, greeting the user and directly initiating a dialog. Unfortunately, Click to WhatsApp Ads does not yet offer the option to configure the start message. This means that you cannot yet make the bot react differently to different ads. This is already possible with the small “hack” Click to Chat, which we will explain below. Therefore, with Click to WhatsApp Ads, it is especially important to be able to answer users’ questions as quickly as possible. Professional software solutions from official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers like MessengerPeople will help you with that!

4) Click to Chat: The alternative for Google Ads and Co!

Click to WhatsApp Ads only work on Facebook ad formats – that is, on the Facebook platform or on Instagram or the Facebook Audience Network. However, you can also place ads on Google, Taboola and other digital advertising spaces and even advertise your WhatsApp service completely free of charge. For this, you then use Click to Chat:

Each WhatsApp number has its own web address (deep link). It consists of the web address, the number (your service number) and a predefined text (which can always be individual and contain, for example, command words that start a chatbot). We explained exactly how this works with the link in “Use a direct link click to chat for all digital spaces”.

You can then place this link behind any type of digital ad or use the link organically on your own touchpoints:

  • Email Signature and Newsletters
  • On your website at known contact points and home page
  • Behind QR codes on flyers, print ads, trade show booths or in presentations, etc.

5) From the field: Click to WhatsApp for OMR Report competition

On the occasion of the brand new OMR report “Professional Guide to WhatsApp Marketing”, we ran a few Click to WhatsApp or Click to Chat Ads on Facebook and Instagram. After the click, the users landed in our WhatsApp chatbot, which guided them through an interactive WhatsApp knowledge quiz. Those who answered all 5 questions correctly could win a report!

Learnings Click to WhatsApp Ad Campaign:

  • The cost per click on Facebook was on average 1/3 cheaper than other campaigns 👍
  • The abandonment rate was extremely high – only 3% of those who clicked started the quiz on WhatsApp 👎
  • The users who started the quiz also played it to the end 👍
  • 80% gave their address at the end 👍
  • Conclusion. Despite a high dropout rate during the transition from Facebook to WhatsApp, the cost per lead was lower than with comparable campaigns. The users who participated had developed a very high and effective affinity with us. ✔

Click to Chat - Click to WhatsApp OMR Gewinnspiel


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